• Location:
    Johansson Projects 2300 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Johansson Projects presents, Monument Eternal, featuring Claire Colette’s ethereal brand of geometric abstraction inviting deep, meditative viewing. Borrowing its title from Alice Coltrane’s first book—which tells of her spiritual initiation, revelations, and austerities—Monument Eternal is a formal exploration of the human desire for transcendence. Interested in contemporary and esoteric creation myths and sacred architectures, Colette’s emotive linear paintings contemplate modern relationships with past civilizations and our own place in the universe. Informed by Colette’s interest in mystical traditions, science fiction, and physics, Monument Eternal concentrates on the history of sky worship, in both metaphysical and scientific practices. Utilizing a muted palette and intersecting planes, Colette depicts solar and lunar forms and ascending architectures, describing liminal spaces and otherworldly landscapes.