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immedia03 call for submissions

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 19, 2002, 1 a.m.

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submissions now being accepted
deadline december 1


…. . january 31-feb 8
.. .. opening january 31
. .. media union, u-m campus
.. ann arbor, mi
. usa

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entity, ann arbor michigan's electronic artist coalition, invites you to
submit works to immedia 2003, our eighth annual exhibition of digital
and electronic art. initiated in 1996, immedia has involved hundreds of
artists and performers and has become an international event. works
created with or in response to digital and electronic media are welcome.
submissions categories include, but are not limited to; free standing
installations, music, performance, dance, video and animation,
interactive graphics, flatwork, kinetic sculpture, experimental sound
pieces and web design. immedia will not accept any artwork that is
submitted through email. please refer to the immedia website for
submission information.

entity is also seeking groups or individuals interested in performing
at the event, or giving short lectures or presentations. if you are
interested, please indicate this on the submission form.

SEE http://entity.ummu.umich.edu/immedia/
EMAIL immedia@entity.ummu.umich.edu

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the immedia electronic art exhibition has developed from a community of
artists and thinkers interested in the artistic possibilities of new
technologies. the immedia community exhibits the best of such art,
eschewing reckless application of powerful technology in favor of
electronic art which seeks deeper understandings of technology's
relationship with art and life in contemporary society.

as with any art, electronic art must explain our world to us in new ways,
helping us understand and relate to our environment. the immedia
community believes that the sweeping changes already wrought by
television and those still to be realized by computers and digital
devices necessitate a new art. this new art, reacting with and against
new technologies, has a deep responsibility to guide humankind's future
interactions with its new electronic environment. technology must be
used in creative, intelligent ways to ensure an expressive future. the
immedia exhibition hinges on the belief that it is the electronic
artist's responsibility to realize the full creative potential of digital
and analog devices.