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6/11 - INTERCHANGE 2: An Evening of Interactive Performance & Installation

"INTERCHANGE 2": An Evening of Interactive Music/Sound/Video Performance & Installation
Friday, June 11, 2003
Los Angeles, CA

Music ~ Sound ~ Video ~ Installation ~ Featuring Audience Interactivity

// Who: //
Southern California established and emerging sound artists, musicians, installation and video artists. Curated by D. Jean Hester.

Performances & Installations by:
__Akira Rabelais - http://www.akirarabelais.com
__Rise Industries - http://www.rise-ind.com
__Adam Overton - http://www.calarts.edu/~aoverton
__Civyiu Kkliu
__David Kendall - http://www.calarts.edu/~dkendall/home.html
__Liam Mooney - http://www.liammooney.com
__Robert Drummond - http://www.robertdrummond.com/
__D. Jean Hester - http://www.divestudio.org
__Ever Lovely Lightning Heart (Faith Coloccia, Chris Badger, Kate Stewart)

Hosted by Gallery 825/LAAA

// What: //
An evening of interactive music/sound/video performances and installations. This is the second “Interchange” event in what promises to become a recurring series. “Interchange 2” is something very different from the usual music performance or art show, challenging the notion that art and performance are things to be merely watched by an audience. Instead, the audience plays a vital role in the event. Each work engages the audience to interact, participate or contribute to the creation and experience of the art.

// When: //
Friday, June 11, 2003
Doors open at 7:30
Performances begin at 8:00
Installations can be viewed before and after the performances, and during intermission.

// Tickets: //
$5 for 825 Members and Students with valid Student ID / $10 General Admission
Tickets available at the door.

// Where://
Gallery 825
825 La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles
Street Parking - Valet Parking also available

// For More Info: //
Contact the Curator: D. Jean Hester interchange@divestudio.org

– D. Jean Hester
UPCOMING 6/11/04: Interchange 2 - an evening of interactive performance & installation

Interviewer: "Must an artist be a programmer to make truly original online art?"
John Simon: "Truly original? You Modernist! Whether you make art or not, understanding programming is an amazing understanding."
from "Code as Creative Writing: An Interview with John Simon"