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Gallery Seeks Digital Artist(s) for Unique Sales/Exhibit Collaboration

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 9, 2002, 1 a.m.

Prestigous art gallery looking for digital artists interested in unique collaborative relationship that involves licensing of digitally created art. Subject matter and approach are open-ended, but particular interest given to text incorporated creations. Work must be able to be displayed in numerous formats and translate well onto potentially very large screen panels. We currently represent the original work of nearly 40 internationally reputed artists and emerging talent. The work in our gallery encompasses all mediums except digital. We have developed what we believe is an original approach for providing our private and corporate collectors with a chance to engage the somewhat transient world of digital art in a more concrete manner. We seek artists able to dialogue about their work and their vision, with a professional dedication, an uncompromising passion, as well as warmth and humor. The right person will also have the patience and interest in further educating us about their process, its needs, the mechanics of integration and digital technology, and the finances associated with the real and indirect costs. Full copyright protection is guaranteed. This promises the right artist(s) with a chance to expand the audience for their work and build a secure financial return for their efforts both present and future. The gallery runs a community based non-profit which supports and contributes to many worthy causes and is open to discussion about partial proceeds from this shared endeavor being earmarked for such if the artist(s) personal mission is in possible conflict with purely commercial returns. If you are interested please forward a brief letter of introduction that touches on your background and goals, along with a link to representative work(s) that we can review. All inquiries and submissions must be made by December 1, 2002. We expect to review and respond to all inquiries by January 31, 2003 and thus ask for your patience in doing so. Contact Celestina at kentgal@bellsouth.net.