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!!Danger Museum is looking for art shareware!!

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 10, 2002, midnight

Danger Museum is a mobile museum - which often work, collaborate with artists to build an international network of artists.

Danger Museum is looking for art shareware.

DM is searching the web for e-publishing sites to link up with our new web
page http://www.online-printhouse.com . We are interested in sites
distributing art related material, such as fanzines, reviews and interviews,
in audio mp3, video mpg, image, and pdf files for home downloading and
reproduction. If you run a web page, or want to recommend one, please e-mail
us on: oyvindrenberg@hotmail.com

Danger Museum is currently working from the Cafe Latte.net Internet cafe in
Liverpool, UK. If you are in town, please visit us. Read below for contact
details and more on this project.

Part of the Liverpool Biennial Independent: "Cafelibrary"
Danger Museum at Cafe Latte.net
Dates: Monday October 7