Italian Conversations Art in the Age of Berlusconi. Discovering contemporary art in Italy

Digicult presents:

Italian Conversations
Art in the Age of Berlusconi. Discovering contemporary art in Italy
by Alessandra Saviotti

“Fucking Good Art” is a publishing project conceived by Rob Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma, two Dutch artists mainly working in Rotterdam and Berlin. Fucking Good Art focuses on new modalities of aesthetic journalism, on counter cultures and sub culture, to forms of self organisation and activism as models beyond the art market.

Their first magazine was published in 2003: it was like a handbook centred on the contemporary art in Rotterdam. Since then, Rob and Nienke have been examining different European contexts by observing them as outsiders, and without having never read up on the towns they visited, and therefore analysed, because they believe that being free from prejudices and completely opened to communication with their speakers has a great potential. Indeed, from their postulate we can infer that their working process is centred on active practices, by considering oral history, ethnography and self-organisation’s essential aspects, which are in turn alternative patterns to the art market, and new ways to examine and describe the contemporary situation.

By daily following this path, after visiting and analysing Rotterdam, Munich, Berlin, Dresden, Copenaghen, Riga, Switzerland and Bruxelles, last year Rob e Nienke, encouraged by Nomas Foundation’s ( curators Cecilia Canziani and Ilaria Gianni, have published their investigation of Italy, “Italian Conversations – Art in the age of Berlusconi”, the result of an almost one-year-long itinerant residence. You can purchase the book online here:



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