new visuals at random modernities

pure last minute settings via new media technology playouts have nice outcmes if you are lucky enough or if it pleases you non stop each and every single time. This is another way of stating experimenting within the technlogical deadlocks under the strong support of your new aesthetics fantasies and sensibilities things go well. Otherwise you can try to go in the counter arguments
in vein. For example, in the photography scene, and the new cameras fully equipped and new
devices, it will depend only to you, framing properly all scenes, exactly etc how to endup
sometimes in the wrong procedures, possibly for best oppurtunities to figure out and master these
wrong procedures inside out, closely and with a lot of adventures.
I am personally developing extra interests arundabout these new creative visuals via contemporary music events, in some ways

Teoman Madra is where my videoclips are being placed