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<br />RHIZOME DIGEST: August 20, 2004<br /><br />Content:<br /><br />+announcement+<br />1. art-messenger: Nuart 2004 Stavanger/Norway<br />2. Emily Zimmerman: Inliquid presents HYPER-RUNT: Online Launch<br />3. Lee Wells: CounterConvention.org Calendar of Events<br /><br />+opportunity+<br />4. marcin ramocki: 3-d animation teaching<br />5. You Minowa: &quot;Project netarts.org&quot; 2004 - 1st announcement<br />6. Kevin McGarry: Call for Rhizome.org ArtBase intern<br />7. Kevin McGarry: FW: LMCC workspace<br /><br />+work+<br />8. Rhizome.org: Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase: INTERVALS by Peter<br />Horvath<br /><br />+comment+<br />9. Curt Cloninger: canonization via syndication [google.directory_curatorial<br />remix] and [reinhold_grether remix]<br />10. jeremy: life<br /><br />+interview+<br />11. Lauren Cornell: Interview with Natalie Jeremijenko by Lauren Cornell.<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />1.<br /><br />Date: 8.18.04<br />From: art-messenger &lt;virtu@kulturserver-nrw.de&gt;<br />Subject: Nuart 2004 Stavanger/Norway<br /><br />West Coast Numusic &amp; Electronic Art Festival<br />NUART 2004. STAVANGER NORWAY. WWW.NUMUSIC.NO<br />……………………………………………..<br />The nuart festival was initiated in 2001 by the Numusic organisation. The<br />festival follows the ethos behind the nu teams desire to provide a regional<br />annual platform for national and international contemporary artists. The<br />festival aims to stimulate debate surrounding the production and<br />presentation of progressive contemporary art in the 21st century.<br />.<br />This years event ?SCRATCH? explores the theme of ?Millennium People? with<br />work that spans the millennium divide from 1998-2004.<br />The show explores memory, politics, false idols, identity and our<br />relationship to new technologies in a series of TAZ spaces. The main arena<br />is the old customs house, an area that for several hundred years has been<br />responsible for confiscating ,editing &amp; taxing objects allowed into the<br />country and by default culture.<br />.<br />This years event is organised by Martyn Reed (Nu) &amp; Kenneth Varpe (21m2)<br />Galleries and viewing spaces open Fre-L&#xF8;r 12-1600. S&#xF8;n 13-1600<br />Clarion Hotel work : L&#xF8;r-S&#xF8;n kl1200-1700<br />Online work can be viewed in the lobby at R.Avis or simply type in the URL<br />Day ticket and pass holders can view work during concert opening hours<br />………………………………………………<br />TOU SCENE<br />………………………………………………<br />OPENING <br />Nuart 2004Ons kl 1800 : Preview before Arne Nordheim concert<br />Andrea Lumb (n) : Tou Scene Kunstfl&#xF8;y<br />They said ?A Joy for your work is a joy for life? Photo installation 2004<br /><br />Documentary Show : Giles Deleuze (F)<br />L?adpf (association pour de la pens&#xE9;es Francaise, Minist&#xE9;re des Affaires<br />&#xE9;trang&#xE9;res).<br />Poster exhibition celebrating the life and work of philosopher Gilles<br />Deleuze.<br /><br />Pure &amp; Decam (AT/USA)<br />Reqoil, Displaced, Peaceoff. Film Installation 2004<br /><br />………………………………………………<br />TOLLBODEN (v&#xE5;gen) The old customs house.<br />Opening Thursday evening with Nils Peter Molv&#xE6;rs ?Scratch?<br /><br />………………………………………………<br />Sidsel Christensen (N)<br />Jon Eriksen (N)<br />Laila Evensen (UK)<br />David Priestman (UK)<br />Andrew Quinn (UK)<br />Espen Tversland (N)<br />Antii Sakari Saario (Fin)<br />Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thai)<br />Erich Berger (N)<br /><br />A series of film and sound installations in 750 sqm of temporary autonomous<br />space.<br /><br />……………………………………………….<br />21m2<br />……………………………………………….<br />Alexander Rishaug (N)<br />Feed : Sound/Laptop installation 2004<br />……………………………………………….<br />Molitrix<br />……………………………………………….<br />Brian Larsen (DE)<br />?Life Nuh Easy? Installation 2004<br />Odd Sama (N)<br />Installation (stickers and agit prop work appearing throughout the city)<br />……………………………………………….<br />Buy Rogalands Avis on 19.08 to view this work<br />……………………………………………….<br />Kim Hiorth&#xF8;y (N)<br />Commissioned newspaper page<br />……………………………………………….<br />Online work<br />……………………………………………….<br />Agricola De Cologne (DE)<br />Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting 2004-2005<br />Carlos Giffoni (US)<br />www.monotract.com/magik.html<br />Rand% (UK)<br />www.r4nd.org<br />……………………………………………….<br /><br />Plus various guerrilla art happenings throughout the weekend.<br /><br />For press/Info/artists Biogs etc please contact Martyn Reed 97764651 or<br />Kenneth Varpe 99028637<br />……………………………………………….<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />2.<br /><br />Date: 8.18.04<br />From: Emily Zimmerman &lt;emily@location1.org&gt;<br />Subject: Inliquid presents HYPER-RUNT: Online Launch<br /><br />InLiquid.com presents a major new media project,<br />HYPER-RUNT, curated by Ebon Fisher and Emily Zimmerman<br />ONLINE September 3-18, 2004 at www.inliquid.com and<br />ONSITE October 8-14, 2004 at the National Products Building in Old City,<br />Philadelphia.<br /><br />(Philadelphia, August 2004) The nonprofit artist organization, InLiqui.com,<br />is pleased to announce the launch of the the online component of HYPER-RUNT,<br />an exhibit of digital and coceptual art curated by &quot;media breeder,&quot; Ebon<br />Fisher and curator, Emily Zimmerman. HYPER-RUNT's online component<br />(September 3-18, 2004), presented at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.inliquid.com">http://www.inliquid.com</a>, will act as a<br />preview to the installation, and will include essays, images, links, and<br />manifestos by the participants. It will be promoted during the Philadelphia<br />Fringe Festival through a guerrilla marketing campaign in Philadelphia and<br />New York with materials featuring the HYPER-RUNT logo and URL.<br /><br />HYPER-RUNT is an exhibition of experimental art projects by an<br />internationally diverse group of artists including Bigtwin, Shawn Brixey,<br />David Brody, Klip Collective, Ken Goldberg, Natalie Jeremijenko, Yael<br />Kanarek, MTAA, Mark Napier, Joseph Nechvatal, neuroTransmitter, and Caterina<br />Verde. For HYPER-RUNT, artists were asked to submit those peculiar projects<br />which rose up out of the creative process and took on an insistent life of<br />their own, either in the studio or in the public arena. These works do not<br />fit snugly in the usual litter of cultural categories. As Ebon Fisher points<br />out, <br /><br />&quot;HYPER-RUNTs raise uneasy questions pertaining to the nature of art in the<br />realm of artificial life forms, media viruses, robot psychology, and<br />inter-species cultures. They flirt with the possibility of a 'post-human'<br />future in which the paradigm of art and civilization gives way to a<br />hyper-biology of emergent processes. A HYPER-RUNT might be seen as an ornery<br />cultural lifeform, an &#xC3;&#xA9;lan vital, unexpectedly rearing its head in the<br />turmoil brewing between artist, audience, technology, and ecosystem.&quot;<br /><br />HYPER-RUNT's installation (October 8-14, 2004) will be the last event to<br />take place at Philadelphia's National Products Building, which is scheduled<br />for reconstruction in November 2004. The National Products building is<br />located at 109-131 N. 2nd Street in Old City Philadelphia. HYPER-RUNT will<br />include technologically based installations, and site-specific works<br />tailored to the spaces of National Products Building. For the week of<br />October 8-14, the National Products Building will be activated by a series<br />of events hosted by Inliquid.com in conjunction with the exhibition,<br />including a screening of the film 'Frames', a documentary about Grahame<br />Weinbren&#xE2;??s piece by the same name, and an evening of immersive media with<br />Klip Collective and musical guests. See www.inliquid.com for a full list of<br />events including dates and times.<br /><br />Curator, Ebon Fisher, was one of the first instructors at MIT's Media Lab<br />during its inception. Since the early 1990s he has been cultivating media<br />organisms through the use of media rituals and &quot;Bionic Codes&quot; in<br />Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He ran the Digital Worlds program at the University<br />of Iowa for 3 years, beginning in 1998, and has exhibited and lectured<br />internationally. His digital world, Nervepool, is at HYPERLINK<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.nervepool.net">http://www.nervepool.net</a> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.nervepool.net">http://www.nervepool.net</a>. Curator, Emily Zimmerman,<br />has worked with Creative Time in New York as a curatorial assistant to Carol<br />Stakenas, and is currently working as a research assistant on a reader on<br />moving images for Tanya Leighton. Other consultants on the HYPER-RUNT<br />exhibit include Glen Muschio, professor and director of the Digital Media<br />Program at Drexel University. Prior to teaching at Drexel University, Glen<br />had over 20 years experience in corporate communications, legal, community<br />and educational media production. Ian Cross is a co-founder of the<br />Philadelphia area New Media Association (PANMA), co-founder and CEO of<br />I-Site, Inc., and co-founder of MYX gallery in Philadelphia.<br /><br />### <br />InLiquid.com is a nonprofit 501©(3) web-based membership organization<br />dedicated to providing opportunities and exposure for visual artists and<br />designers, serving as a free public hub for arts information and resources,<br />and making the visual arts more accessible to a broader audience. More than<br />just an online presence, InLiquid also nurtures our creative community<br />through a continuing series of &#xE2;??non-virtual&#xE2;?? art exhibitions and events.<br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />Rhizome is now offering organizational subscriptions, memberships<br />purchased at the institutional level. These subscriptions allow<br />participants of an institution to access Rhizome's services without<br />having to purchase individual memberships. (Rhizome is also offering<br />subsidized memberships to qualifying institutions in poor or excluded<br />communities.) Please visit <a rel="nofollow" href="http://rhizome.org/info/org.php">http://rhizome.org/info/org.php</a> for more<br />information or contact Rachel Greene at Rachel@Rhizome.org.<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />3.<br /><br />Date: 8.19.04<br />From: Lee Wells &lt;lee@leewells.org&gt;<br />Subject: CounterConvention.org Calendar of Events<br />Counter Convention Calendar<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/">http://www.CounterConvention.org/</a><br />______________________________________________________<br />News From CounterConvention.org:<br /><br />The ride and housing boards have been extremely active and are still<br />available for those seeking transport and housing for the RNC protests.<br />Also, we have added a resource board for anyone seeking or offering any<br />goods or services of use to the moblization.<br /><br />All this and more can be found at:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.counterconvention.org">http://www.counterconvention.org</a><br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />Special Notices:<br /><br />The Life After Capitalism Conference begins with &amp;!quot;Beyond Bush a Night<br />of Visionary Resistance&amp;!quot; this Friday at 7pm at Hunter College, 695<br />Park Ave. (Full details in the listing below or see:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org">http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org</a> )<br /><br />The last two Clearinghouse meeting are tonight and Thursday the 26th at 7pm<br />at St. Marks Church on 10th St. and 2nd Ave in the East Village. This is a<br />good place to get a sense of the variety of protest projects to plug into.<br />(full details in the listing below).<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />CounterConvention.org Calendar:<br /><br />1| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 04:00 PM] A31 Massive Outreach Action<br />2| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 05:30 PM] RingOut Meeting<br />3| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 06:00 PM] Fundraiser for Driving Votes<br />4| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 06:30 PM] I-Witness Video Intensive Training for the<br />RNC Protests<br />5| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 07:20 PM] noRNC Clearinghouse Meeting<br />6| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 07:30 PM] Screening of &amp;!quot;Breaking the Silence:<br />Truth and Lies in the War on Terro<br />7| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 08:00 PM] Rude Mechanical Orchestra weekly rehearsal<br />8| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 08:00 PM] OPENING: NYC Grassroots Media Retrospective<br />and Indymedia INFOSHOP<br />9| [Thursday, Aug 19 @ 09:30 PM] Pretty Flowers' &amp;!quot;Laura's Bush&amp;!quot;<br />Release Party!<br />10| [Friday, Aug 20] Life After Capitalism Conference<br />11| [Friday, Aug 20 @ 06:00 PM] This is Not about the GRASS! This is about<br />our future!<br />12| [Friday, Aug 20 @ 07:00 PM] Opening Reception for &amp;!quot;Rivers of<br />Blood&amp;!quot; exhibit<br />13| [Saturday, Aug 21] Life After Capitalism Conference<br />14| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 12:00 PM] Street Theater Workshops<br />15| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 12:00 PM] DRUM &amp; Still We Rise Immigrant Justice<br />Rally &amp; March<br />16| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 01:00 PM] Know Your Rights Training<br />17| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 02:30 PM] I-Witness Video Intensive Training for the<br />RNC Protests<br />18| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 06:00 PM] Experimental Party DisInformation Center /<br />Propaganda Hospitality Suite<br />19| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 07:00 PM] Fear Will Not Silence Us!!!!!!!!<br />20| [Saturday, Aug 21 @ 07:30 PM] Mouths Wide Open: Poets Reading in<br />Horrified Anticipation of the RNC<br />______________________________________________________<br />1|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 04:00 PM] A31 Massive Outreach Action<br />Union Square Park (near stairs on south side), New York City, NY<br /><br />The A31 Outreach Working Group has created thousands of fliers and stickers<br />to promote the A31 Day of Non-Violent Civil Disobedience and Direct Action.<br />We need volunteers to come to Union Square, pick up these flyers and<br />distribute them to New Yorkers at subway stops and other key locations<br />throughout the City during rush hour.<br /><br />Between the hours of 4-7pm, there will be an information booth set up near<br />the stairs on the south side of Union Square Park where you can pick these<br />fliers up. At this information booth, we will also have lists of shops,<br />sanctuaries and other spaces where fliers need to be dropped off in the<br />coming days.<br /><br />And don?t forget: 83% of New Yorkers do not want the Republicans to meet in<br />their city. They?re pissed. Many of them will probably want to see the<br />information on these fliers. Some of them will even want to get involved.<br /><br />Please help out. Your participation can really shape this day of action.<br /><br />See you in the streets (and the subway corridors and the community board<br />meetings and the parks).<br /><br />A31 Outreach Working Group<br /><br />More Info: <br />E-mail: A31@mutualaid.org<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.a31.org">http://www.a31.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1391<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />2|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 05:30 PM] RingOut Meeting<br />Cafe Figaro, corner of Bleecker &amp; MacDougal Sts., New York,, NY<br /><br />Weekly meeting of RingOut, to plan bell-ringing protest at Ground Zero/World<br />Trade Center, Saturday, August 28, 5:30pm; plan other protest activities<br />during the convention; collaborate with other protest groups; and distribute<br />50,000 bells to New Yorkers, so they can &amp;!quot;Ring Out the<br />Republicans!&amp;!quot;<br />Please - come join us!<br /><br />More Info: <br />Phone: 917-507-3699<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=639<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />3|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 06:00 PM] Fundraiser for Driving Votes<br />Lolita, 266 Broome St. (at Allen), New York, NY<br /><br />Come support Driving Votes (www.drivingvotes.org), a nonprofit dedicated to<br />organizing people to take trips to swing states to register voters and get<br />Bush out!<br /><br />There will be DJs, $3 drink specials, and to-be-announced special<br />appearances by your fave local progressive politicians. $10 suggested<br />donation.<br /><br />Show them how you really feel! Don't miss your opportunity to pose for<br />photos with lifesize Bush dolls in the position of your choice.<br /><br />Pass out the invite:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.drivingvotes.org/stuff/nycinvite.shtml">http://www.drivingvotes.org/stuff/nycinvite.shtml</a><br /><br />See you there.<br /><br />More Info: <br />E-mail: nyc@drivingvotes.org<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.drivingvotes.org/stuff/nycinvite.shtml">http://www.drivingvotes.org/stuff/nycinvite.shtml</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1139<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />4|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 06:30 PM] I-Witness Video Intensive Training for the RNC<br />Protests<br />Judson Memorial Church - 243 Thompson Street, NYC, NY<br /><br />Protect the Right to Protest!<br /><br />Be a Video Witness for the Republican National Convention protests<br /> <br />What is a video witness?<br />Video witnesses use a video camera to collect evidence of arrests and police<br />abuse.<br />Video images of police actions at protests can be crucial evidence at trials<br />of people arrested and in civil lawsuits against police misconduct.<br /> <br />Come to either an intensive or a mini training!<br /> <br />Buddies Needed! &#xA0;No video camera? No problem!<br />Each camera person will need a ?buddy? ? someone who can ?watch their back?<br />and be a second pair of eyes to identify areas that need to be filmed.<br />Buddies should also attend a Video Witness training.<br /> <br />I-Witness Intensive Training<br />recommended<br /> <br />Thursday, August 19, 6:30-8:30 pm<br />Judson Memorial Church<br />243 Thompson Street<br />corner of &#xA0;Washington Square South<br />press the buzzer for the Gym<br /> <br />Saturday, August 21, 2:30-4:30 pm<br />NYU Law School,<br />Furman Hall, Room 216<br />245 Sullivan Street<br />at West 3rd St., following NLG Observer Training<br /> <br />Thursday, August 26, 6:30- 8:30 pm<br />St. Mary's Episcopal Church<br />521 West 126th St, b/w B?way and Amsterdam<br />1/9 to 125th Street and Broadway<br />or A/B/C/D to 125th and St. Nicholas and walk west<br /> <br />Mini-Video Trainings<br />Short trainings will follow the National Lawyers Guild?s Legal Observer<br />Orientations.<br /> <br />NLG?s RNC Legal Observer Orientations<br />* August 25 - 7-9 pm 4th Universalist Church - 76th Street/Central Park<br />West.<br /> <br />* August 28 - (Saturday) 10-11 am NYU Law School, Furman Hall - Room 216,<br />245 Sullivan Street.<br /> <br />* August 30 - (Monday) - 10-11 am Location TBA<br /> <br />———————–<br />To register for Video Witness Trainings or to find out more about our<br />meetings, contact:<br />iwitnessvideo [at] hotmail.com<br /> <br />Bring your camera, if you have one, to the training.<br />RSVPs encouraged, but not required.<br /> <br />I-Witness is collaborating with the National Lawyers Guild and People?s Law<br />Collective<br />I-Witness Video is a NYC-based group that organizes video for legal purposes<br />during protests. We work with local legal teams to use video to support the<br />defense of arrested activists, to file civil suits against the city/police,<br />and to discourage illegal police aggression overall.<br /> <br />Join our organizing efforts ? come to a meeting! I-Witness Meetings:<br />Tuesdays at 6:30 pm<br /> <br /><br />More Info: <br />Contact Person: Ady<br />E-mail: iwitnessvideo@hotmail.com<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1265<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />5|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 07:20 PM] noRNC Clearinghouse Meeting<br />St. Marks Church , 131 East 10th Street, New York, NY<br /><br />The Clearinghouse meetings are a network of working groups and independent<br />organizations who have come together to do active work to oppose the<br />Republican National Convention this August and September. The hope of these<br />meetings is that our individual and collective efforts can be coordinated<br />citywide in order ensure that our voices are heard by this administration.<br /><br />** New Comers are strongly encouraged to attend a 20 minute orientation<br />starting at 7:00 PM **<br /><br />The closest trains are:<br />L to 3rd Ave.<br />6 to Astor Place<br />R to 8th St.<br />More Info: <br />E-mail: norncstructure@riseup.net<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.counterconvention.org/index.php?name=clearinghouse">http://www.counterconvention.org/index.php?name=clearinghouse</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1072<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />6|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 07:30 PM] Screening of &amp;!quot;Breaking the Silence:<br />Truth and Lies in the War on Terro<br />The Brecht Forum, 122 West 27th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY<br /><br />Award-winning journalist John Pilger investigates the discrepancies between<br />American and British claims for the 'war on terror' and the facts on the<br />ground as he finds them in Afghanistan and Washington, DC.<br />Discussion follows.<br />Suggested donation: $6/$8/$10<br /><br />More Info: <br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.brechtforum.org">http://www.brechtforum.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=739<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />7|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 08:00 PM] Rude Mechanical Orchestra weekly rehearsal<br />DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY<br /><br />The Rude Mechanical Orchestra is a new radical brass band and entourage<br />affinity group forming for the events against the RNC. We are seeking brass<br />and wind players, drummers, dancers, and tactical squad members. We<br />encourage women, queer/trans folks, and people of color to join us!<br /><br />We gather at Pedro's Restaurant in DUMBO, Brooklyn, at 8pm SHARP, then<br />proceed to the practice space around 8:15. Pedro's is located 2 blocks down<br />from the York F stop (the first stop in Brooklyn). Please contact us for<br />more information and to let us know you're coming! Please bring your<br />instrument - your first rehearsal serves as an informal audition.<br /><br />More Info: <br />Phone: (718) 499-0434<br />Contact Person: Michele<br />E-mail: michele@riseup.net<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=705<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />8|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 08:00 PM] OPENING: NYC Grassroots Media Retrospective<br />and Indymedia INFOSHOP<br />59 Franklin Street, between Lafayette and Broadway, New York, NY<br /><br />On August 19, we invite you to join us for the opening of GAS as an Infoshop<br />and to celebrate the quality and tradition of independent journalism.<br />Indymedia photographers will showcase their work on gallery walls and offer<br />them in a silent fundraising auction; videographers will screen their<br />footage on the five gallery monitors; you can tune into the I-pod<br />installations to hear radio coverage of events, protests and conventions<br />past, and browse through the archives of NYC IMC?s newspaper, The<br />Indypendent. <br /><br />&gt;From August 19 to September 4, the Gigantic Art Space in downtown New York will<br />serve as an Independent Media Infoshop for a public hungry for truth.<br /><br />This will also be a great opportunity to find out how we plan to cover the<br />voices of people on the street during the upcoming Republican National<br />Convention, and most importantly, how you can directly plug in.<br /><br />During the Republican National Convention, the GOP spin machine will make<br />every effort to airbrush the hundreds of thousands of expected protesters<br />out of the happy GOP Convention picture, or worse, paint them as dangerous<br />&amp;!quot;Un-American&amp;!quot; thugs. To facilitate this, they have outfitted the<br />Farleigh Post Office building as the corporate media?s newsroom, and built a<br />bridge from there to Madison Square Garden, so that the corporate press<br />never has to touch the streets.<br /><br />But the NYC Grassroots Media Coalition and the Indymedia Network have a<br />different mission. We will build our own newsroom with the support and<br />resources of our communities and use it to produce a daily newspaper, a<br />daily television show, a 24-hour radio webstream and a website with<br />up-to-the-minute reports and photographs. If you want to know what the<br />people have to say, this is where you need to look.<br /><br />To help showcase this work, the Gigantic Art Space has generously offered<br />independent journalists their gallery.<br /><br />Special presentation: Rick Rowley of Big Noise Films and producer of the<br />documentary, Fourth World War has just returned from Sadr City, Baghdad. He<br />will talk about what we don?t necessarily see in the corporate media<br />regarding Iraq while showing never before seen footage. Having traveled the<br />world and worked with dozens of independent media centers across the globe,<br />he will discuss the importance of independent media in a time of war.<br /><br />Participating groups:<br />NYC Grassroots Media Coalition<br />The Indymedia Network<br />Paper Tiger<br />The Indypendent<br />NYC IMC Sound Collective<br />NYC IMC Photo Collective<br />Blacked-Out Media<br />Third World Newsreel<br />Big Noise Films<br />Pacifica Radio<br />Independent Journalists<br />REGISTER FOR THE MEDIA SPACE AT THE GAS GALLERY<br />59 Franklin Street, between Lafayette and Broadway:<br />fri 5-10<br />sat &amp; sun 12- 6<br />mon-wed 5-10<br />aug 26 - sept 3, 8:30 to midnight<br />More Info: <br />Phone: 212-420-9045<br />Contact Person: Jen @ paper tiger<br />E-mail: support@nycimc.org<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://giganticartspace.com/index.html">http://giganticartspace.com/index.html</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1368<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />9|<br /><br />[Thursday, Aug 19 @ 09:30 PM] Pretty Flowers' &amp;!quot;Laura's Bush&amp;!quot;<br />Release Party!<br />Rothko, 116 Suffolk St. @Rivington, New York, NY<br /><br />Lick Bush Ltd. and Bananaseat Records present…<br /><br />Pretty Flowers' &amp;!quot;Laura's Bush&amp;!quot; Release Party!<br /><br />Thursday, August 19th, 9:30 @ Rothko<br />116 Suffolk St./Rivington, Lower East Side, NYC<br /><br />Please join Pretty Flowers for the release of their<br />newest single, Laura's Bush! Everyone gets a free<br />copy! Yay! Also pick up info about the RNC<br />convention, where to protest, where to party, etc.<br /><br />Also playing are The Killer Elite and special guests.<br />Tickets are $8. For more info, visit<br />www.prettyflowers.org.<br />More Info: <br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.prettyflowers.org">http://www.prettyflowers.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1068<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />10|<br /><br />[Friday, Aug 20] Life After Capitalism Conference<br />TBA, New York, NY<br /><br />As a new wave of activism in the US and abroad popularizes opposition to<br />global capitalism, it is essential that we continue to develop alternative<br />visions of a post-capitalist society. This conference seeks to create a<br />forum for people from diverse movements to refine collectively our analysis<br />of capitalism, to develop new visions for directly democratic economic and<br />political systems, and to build effective organizing strategies for<br />actualizing our visions. This conference builds on the project initiated by<br />ZNet at the 2003 World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.<br /><br />More Info: <br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org">http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=111<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />11|<br /><br />[Friday, Aug 20 @ 06:00 PM] This is Not about the GRASS! This is about our<br />future!<br />Strawberry Fields Central Park,72nd &amp; Central Park West, New York, NY<br /><br />When the city denied a permit for Central Park for a massive outpouring of<br />resistance against the Bush agenda at the RNC, they cited concern for the<br />grass- claiming it would be damaged by so many people gathered at once.<br /><br />Not in Our Name is calling on all poets and wordsmiths of New York to<br />Strawberry Fields for an outpouring of love and defiance, of determination<br />and conviction. So please, bring your passion and your poetry to the permit<br />battle for Central Park.<br /><br />The Park belongs to the people<br />The people are voicing dissent<br />Saying NO to Bush &amp; Company<br />And everything they represent?<br /><br />More Info: <br />Phone: 2127601722<br />Contact Person: Mo Kinberg<br />E-mail: nyc@notinourname.net<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.notinourname.net">http://www.notinourname.net</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1276<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />12|<br /><br />[Friday, Aug 20 @ 07:00 PM] Opening Reception for &amp;!quot;Rivers of<br />Blood&amp;!quot; exhibit<br />Stefanie Ludyny Gallery, 312 W. 36th Street, between 8th &amp; 9th Ave, 3rd, New<br />York, NY<br /><br />The &amp;!quot;Rivers of Blood&amp;!quot; exhibit runs from August 16-September 11,<br />2004, in conjunction with the UnConvention, an American Theater Festival for<br />political change. Vermont artist Janet Van Fleet shows paintings and<br />three-dimensional work exploring violence and change in human history.<br /><br />More Info: <br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.theunconvention.org">http://www.theunconvention.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1024<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />13|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21] Life After Capitalism Conference<br />TBA, New York, NY<br /><br />As a new wave of activism in the US and abroad popularizes opposition to<br />global capitalism, it is essential that we continue to develop alternative<br />visions of a post-capitalist society. This conference seeks to create a<br />forum for people from diverse movements to refine collectively our analysis<br />of capitalism, to develop new visions for directly democratic economic and<br />political systems, and to build effective organizing strategies for<br />actualizing our visions. This conference builds on the project initiated by<br />ZNet at the 2003 World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil.<br /><br />More Info: <br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org">http://www.lifeaftercapitalism.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=112<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />14|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 12:00 PM] Street Theater Workshops<br />209 West 38th Street, 9th floor, New York, NY<br /><br />We will be preparing pieces to perform during the Republican National<br />Convention. Please bring your ideas, wear comfortable clothes, and be<br />prepared to create. All ages and experience levels welcome.<br /><br />More Info: <br />E-mail: joyful_grrrl@hotmail.com<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thawaction.org">http://www.thawaction.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=994<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />15|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 12:00 PM] DRUM &amp; Still We Rise Immigrant Justice Rally &amp;<br />March<br />Broadway between 72rd &amp; 73rd Street, Jackson Heights, Queens, NY<br /><br />Join immigrant families and youth members of DRUM and Still We Rise/ Racial<br />Justice 911 organizations in raising the voices of people of color and<br />immigrants against the ongoing WAR on Immigrants and WAR abroad! Support us<br />in our fight to protest and organize in our neighborhoods as the city and<br />cops prepare for the Republican National Convention!<br /><br />With support from many organizations, we have gotten a permit for the event.<br /><br />Speakers include:<br />- Razia Sultana Jahangir, wife of Special Registrant (DRUM)<br />- Mohammed Linkgon, Special Registrant (DRUM)<br />- Jonas Pullo, Esperanza del Barrio<br />- FIERCE!<br />- Sheila Stowell- Still We Rise/ RJ 911<br />- YouthPower! members of students &amp; cops harrassment (DRUM)<br />- Nodutdol<br />- Latin American Workers Project<br />- Andolan (Organizing South Asian Workers)<br />- Chayya Choum, CAAAV- Khmer Freedom Campaign<br />- Local street vendors<br />- Hiram Monserratte, NY City Councilmember<br /><br />Performances:<br />- Danza Azteca<br />- Poetry by DRUM youth members<br />- Dhaka Drama- Bengali Folk Songs<br /><br />Activities:<br />- TABLING by variuos NYC grassroots organizing groups!<br />- Families SPEAKOUT against DEPORTATION!<br />- Collect signatures to win AMNESTY &amp; other campaigns!<br />- Raffles &amp; Prizes!<br />- UNITE with other immigrant &amp; communities of color!<br />- Send a message to BUSH AND KERRY to stop targeting immigrants &amp; start<br />respecting our dignity, labor, and rights to education, housing, and<br />services without fear!<br /><br />WE NEED YOUR HELP:<br />- Outreach to your community- Pick Up flyers from DRUM office<br />(availabe in Urdu, Bangla, Spanish, and English)<br />- Volunteer for the mela<br />- Contact politicians and media to attend &amp; hear our demands<br />When: Saturday, August 21st<br />1pm-5pm Street Rally<br />3-6 pm Speakers &amp; Performances<br />5pm Neighborhood March<br /><br />Where: On Broadway between 72rd &amp; 73rd Street (across from DRUM office)<br />Jackson Heights, Queens<br />[Take the 7/E/F/G/R/ or V train to 74th Street/Roosevelt stop]<br /><br />More Info: <br />Phone: (718) 205-3036<br />Contact Person: Namita or Shoshi<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.drumnation.org/rally/index.htm">http://www.drumnation.org/rally/index.htm</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1405<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />16|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 01:00 PM] Know Your Rights Training<br />520 8th Avenue, New York, NY<br /><br />Know Your Rights Training - (7:00 PM - 9:00 PM)<br /><br />Know Your Rights!<br /><br />Throughout the month of August, the New York Civil Liberties Union will<br />offer a series of Know Your Rights trainings for people taking part in<br />activities surrounding the Republican National Convention. This interactive<br />training will cover your legal rights as a protester at the RNC and what to<br />do if those rights are infringed upon. It will explore how new laws have<br />changed the nature of demonstrations in NYC, as well as how to interact with<br />the police on the street, what to do if you are stopped or searched, and how<br />to report police misconduct.<br /><br />The trainings will be offered at our Protecting Protest Storefront in<br />midtown (520 8th Ave) on the following dates. If you would like to arrange a<br />separate training for your organization please contact us.<br /><br />Saturday August 14th 1-3pm<br />Wednesday August 18th 7-9pm<br />Saturday August 21st 1-3pm<br />Wednesday August 25th 7-9pm<br /><br />Space is limited, so please RSVP to Steve Theberge at 212-344-3005 x266 or<br />stheberge@nyclu.org.<br />Organizer - Steve Theberge<br />Status - CONFIRMED<br />Location - 520 8th Avenue<br />More Info: <br />Phone: (212) 344-3005<br />Contact Person: Steve Theberge<br />E-mail: stheberge@nyclu.org<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.rncprotestrights.org">http://www.rncprotestrights.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=883<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />17|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 02:30 PM] I-Witness Video Intensive Training for the RNC<br />Protests<br />NYU Law School, Furman Hall, Room 216 at 245 Sullivan Street, NYC, NY<br /><br />Protect the Right to Protest!<br /><br />Be a Video Witness for the Republican National Convention protests<br /> <br />What is a video witness?<br />Video witnesses use a video camera to collect evidence of arrests and police<br />abuse.<br />Video images of police actions at protests can be crucial evidence at trials<br />of people arrested and in civil lawsuits against police misconduct.<br /> <br />Come to either an intensive or a mini training!<br /> <br />Buddies Needed! &#xA0;No video camera? No problem!<br />Each camera person will need a &amp;!quot;buddy&amp;!quot; - someone who can<br />&amp;!quot;watch their back&amp;!quot; and be a second pair of eyes to identify<br />areas that need to be filmed. Buddies should also attend a Video Witness<br />training.<br /> <br />I-Witness Intensive Training<br />recommended<br /> <br />Thursday, August 19, 6:30-8:30 pm<br />Judson Memorial Church<br />243 Thompson Street<br />corner of &#xA0;Washington Square South<br />press the buzzer for the Gym<br /> <br />Saturday, August 21, 2:30-4:30 pm<br />NYU Law School,<br />Furman Hall, Room 216<br />245 Sullivan Street<br />at West 3rd St., following NLG Observer Training<br /> <br />Thursday, August 26, 6:30- 8:30 pm<br />St. Mary's Episcopal Church<br />521 West 126th St, b/w B'way and Amsterdam<br />1/9 to 125th Street and Broadway<br />or A/B/C/D to 125th and St. Nicholas and walk west<br /> <br />Mini-Video Trainings<br />Short trainings will follow the National Lawyers Guild's Legal Observer<br />Orientations.<br /> <br />NLG's RNC Legal Observer Orientations<br />* August 25 - 7-9 pm 4th Universalist Church - 76th Street/Central Park<br />West.<br /> <br />* August 28 - (Saturday) 10-11 am NYU Law School, Furman Hall - Room 216,<br />245 Sullivan Street.<br /> <br />* August 30 - (Monday) - 10-11 am Location TBA<br /> <br />———————–<br />To register for Video Witness Trainings or to find out more about our<br />meetings, contact:<br />iwitnessvideo [at] hotmail.com<br /> <br />Bring your camera, if you have one, to the training.<br />RSVPs encouraged, but not required.<br /> <br />I-Witness is collaborating with the National Lawyers Guild and People's Law<br />Collective<br />I-Witness Video is a NYC-based group that organizes video for legal purposes<br />during protests. We work with local legal teams to use video to support the<br />defense of arrested activists, to file civil suits against the city/police,<br />and to discourage illegal police aggression overall.<br /> <br />Join our organizing efforts - come to a meeting! I-Witness Meetings:<br />Tuesdays at 6:30 pm<br /> <br /><br />More Info: <br />Contact Person: Ady<br />E-mail: iwitnessvideo@hotmail.com<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1266<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />18|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 06:00 PM] Experimental Party DisInformation Center /<br />Propaganda Hospitality Suite<br />LUXE gallery, 24 W. 57th St., 5th Floor, #503, New York, NY<br /><br />The Experimental Party rolls into New York on Saturday, August 21st just<br />ahead of the Republican National Convention with the opening of its<br />Propaganda Hospitality Suite at LUXE Gallery, 24 West 57th Street, NYC from<br />6 - 8 PM. Politicos, press, protestors, Republicans, performance artists,<br />and the public will gather for a first look at the Experimental Party<br />DisInformation Center, a state-of-the-art media installation presented by<br />the US Department of Art &amp; Technology. The exhibition runs through Saturday,<br />September 4th, when it will close with a Post-Mortem Lounge from 6 - 8 PM.<br />Regular hours for the installation are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM<br />to 6 PM.<br /><br />More Info: <br />Phone: 212-404-7455<br />Contact Person: Randall Packer<br />E-mail: info@experimentalparty.org<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.experimentalparty.org">http://www.experimentalparty.org</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=869<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />19|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 07:00 PM] Fear Will Not Silence Us!!!!!!!!<br />ALWAN 16 Beaver St. (between broad and broadway), New York, NY<br /><br />Join Not In Our Name to celebrate creative resistance with &amp;!quot;Fear Will<br />Not Silence Us&amp;!quot; an anti-militarism art show.<br /><br />The Republican National Convention is on its way to invade NYC and as part<br />of our efforts to deliver a resounding NO! to the Bush agenda of war and<br />repression, we have collected artwork from all over the country to support a<br />movement based on creative, never-ending resistance.The art includes photos,<br />sculptures, posters, films, and paintings that all unite against the<br />repression here at home and abroad.<br /><br />There will be an auction, film, dj's and live music. Proceeds will go to Not<br />In Our Name will be used to build for protests at the Republican National<br />Convention.<br /><br />Check out pictures from our art show on the west coast!<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.indybay.org/news/2004/06/1687257.php">http://www.indybay.org/news/2004/06/1687257.php</a><br /><br />More Info: <br />Phone: 212-760-1722<br />Contact Person: jaz.<br />E-mail: fearwillnotsilenceus@yahoo.com<br />Web: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.notinourname.net">http://www.notinourname.net</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1006<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br />20|<br /><br />[Saturday, Aug 21 @ 07:30 PM] Mouths Wide Open: Poets Reading in Horrified<br />Anticipation of the RNC<br />Washington Square Church,135 West 4th Street, New York, NY<br /><br />Mouths Wide Open: Poets Reading in Horrified Anticipation of the RNC<br />Saturday August 21st at 7:30 p.m.: FREE!<br />at Washington Square Church 135 West 4th Street (6th Ave. &amp; MacDougal)<br />West 4th Street stop on the A, C, E, F, V, D, B<br /><br />Featuring Michael Lally (author of It's Not Nostalgia), Bob Holman (author<br />of The Collect Call of the Wild and director of the Bowery Poetry Club),<br />Ange Mlinko (author of Matinees), Tonya Foster (co-editor of Third Mind),<br />Lydia Cortes (author of Lust for Lust) Lisa Jarnot (author of Ring of Fire)<br />and others. MC'd by Daniel Kane, author of All Poets Welcome: The Lower<br />East Side Poetry Scene in the 1960s. After the reading, pick up your free<br />&amp;!quot;No RNC&amp;!quot; activist gift bag, which includes a pocket-sized copy<br />of the Constitution and Bill of Rights ? just in case ?<br /><br />More Info: <br />Contact Person: Daniel Kane<br />E-mail: dkane@panix.com<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v">http://www.CounterConvention.org/lightningbug/index.php?action=detail&mode=v</a><br />iew&amp;listing=1176<br /><br />______________________________________________________<br /><br />Unsubscribe here: <br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.counterconvention.org/index.php?name=pt_blastemail_manage&email=l">http://www.counterconvention.org/index.php?name=pt_blastemail_manage&email=l</a><br />ee@leewells.org&amp;default=unsubscribe<br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />4.<br /><br />Date: 8.14.04<br />From: marcin ramocki &lt;mramocki@earthlink.net&gt;<br />Subject: 3-d animation teaching<br /><br />New Jersey City University is looking for an adjunct to teach<br />3-d animation (3-d Studio Max), starting September 2004. Class meets once a<br />week (evenings), 3 hours, 30 minutes from NYC. If interested please contact<br />mramocki@earthlink.net.<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />5.<br /><br />Date: 8.15.04<br />From: You Minowa &lt;webmaster@netarts.org&gt;<br />Subject: &quot;Project netarts.org&quot; 2004 - 1st announcement<br /><br />1. From &quot;Art on the Net&quot; to the new &quot;Project netarts.org&quot;<br /><br />2. Call for the nomination<br /><br />3. The schedule<br /><br />————————————————————-<br /><br />1. From &quot;Art on the Net&quot; to the &quot;Project netarts.org&quot;<br /><br />Since 1995, The Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts has been hosting the<br />&quot;Art on the Net&quot; project promoting the Internet as a space for artistic<br />expression. For almost a decade now, this project has been calling on<br />artists around the world to investigate the relationship between Art, the<br />Internet and the Society.<br /><br />This summer, to celebrate the success of our &quot;Art on the Net&quot; project, we<br />are going to launch a new event called &quot;Project netarts.org.&quot; The &quot;Project<br />netarts.org&quot; consists of an Internet Art exhibition, artist essays,<br />theoretical articles, and an online forum.<br /><br />The Exhibition section of the project will feature recent developments in<br />Internet Art and is open to all forms of creative expression that use the<br />Internet as their primary medium. The essays and articles from artists,<br />critics, curators and other contributors, will be featured in the Writings<br />section. The Online Forum is open to everyone who is interested in Internet<br />Art and other hybridized forms of Digital or Media Art that use network<br />technologies.<br /><br />Although this project is primarily focused on the latest developments in the<br />field of Internet Art, we are also very interested in considering<br />contributions that reflect the influence of Internet Art production on the<br />wider fields of Media-Art, Digital Art, curatorial practice, digital<br />pedagogy, and online publishing.<br /><br />The new &quot;Project netarts.org&quot; will be launched 1st, Nov. 2004, at<br /><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.netarts.org/">http://www.netarts.org/</a><br /><br />————————————————————-<br /><br />2. Call for the nomination<br /><br />This year, the artworks for the exhibition and the &quot;netarts.org 2004 prize&quot;<br />will be chosen by our Selection Committee. The prize fee for the top<br />selection will be 200,000 yen.<br /><br />The members of the Selection Committee are:<br /><br />Mark Amerika (<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.markamerika.com/">http://www.markamerika.com/</a>)<br />John Hopkins (<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.neoscenes.net/">http://www.neoscenes.net/</a>)<br />Trace Reddell (<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.du.edu/~treddell/">http://www.du.edu/~treddell/</a>)<br />Anne-Marie Schleiner (<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.opensorcery.net/">http://www.opensorcery.net/</a>)<br />You Minowa (Curator, MCMOGATK)<br /><br />The members will make their own nominations, but we will accept nominations<br />from the web also. Please send your nomination to us directly at the website<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.netarts.org">http://www.netarts.org</a>. DO NOT SEND YOUR NOMINATIONS TO SELECTION COMMITTEE<br />MEMBERS.<br /><br />The coordinators of &quot;Project netarts.org&quot; will also review essays and<br />articles that focus on Internet art. Selected essays and articles will be<br />featured in our Writings section, in English and Japanese.<br /><br />————————————————————-<br /><br />3. The schedule<br /><br />We will accept nominations by mail from 1st, Aug. 2004 to 15th, Sept. 2004.<br />Check out our website for details.<br /><br />The award-winning artwork will be selected by 15th Oct. The exhibition will<br />be launched 1st, Nov. 2004. We will soon announce some physical events to<br />take place in Nov. at the Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo.<br />————————————————————-<br />–<br />You Minowa<br />Curator<br />Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.netarts.org/">http://www.netarts.org/</a><br />webmaster@netarts.org<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />Rhizome is now offering organizational subscriptions, memberships<br />purchased at the institutional level. These subscriptions allow<br />participants of an institution to access Rhizome's services without<br />having to purchase individual memberships. (Rhizome is also offering<br />subsidized memberships to qualifying institutions in poor or excluded<br />communities.) Please visit <a rel="nofollow" href="http://rhizome.org/info/org.php">http://rhizome.org/info/org.php</a> for more<br />information or contact Rachel Greene at Rachel@Rhizome.org.<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />6.<br /><br />Date: 8.18.04<br />From: Kevin McGarry &lt;Kevin@rhizome.org&gt;<br />Subject: Call for Rhizome.org ArtBase intern<br /><br />Feel free to pass this along, especially to any friends who are students or<br />teachers<br /><br />Thanks, Kevin<br /><br />+ + +<br /><br />Rhizome.org Seeks Intern to Archive Net Art for Rhizome ArtBase<br /><br />Rhizome.org, a nonprofit organization focused on new media art, is<br />seeking an Intern to work on expanding the Rhizome ArtBase, an indexed<br />archive of historically significant new media artworks.<br /><br />We seek an exceptionally smart, web savvy, friendly and reliable individual<br />- perhaps ideally an Art History or Library Sciences student - who can work<br />well independently as well as in close collaboration with Rhizome staff.<br /><br />The successful candidate will be articulate, interested in new media art,<br />archives, non-profit development and able to maintain a high standard of<br />detail and consistency.<br /><br />Rhizome.org is among the oldest and most well-respected organizations in the<br />field of new media art. For more information about the organization and our<br />programs, please check out our web site: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://rhizome.org">http://rhizome.org</a>.<br /><br />PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES<br />+ work independently, as well as with the ArtBase Coordinator and<br />participating artists, to gather and produce metadata, images, and<br />descriptive and biographical texts about historically significant net<br />artworks and artists.<br />+ maintain and add to (research) a list of historically significant net<br />artworks and artists.<br />+ initiate, follow-up, and summarize correspondences with artists about<br />adding their artworks to the Rhizome ArtBase.<br />+ research and fact check histories of net artists and of their artworks.<br />+ keep detailed records of progress and status of all artworks and<br />media/texts relating to them.<br /><br />REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS<br />+ computer fluency: Mac OS X, Word, Excel.<br />+ excellent written and spoken communication skills (critical arts writing,<br />letter-writing, email, phone, follow-up).<br />+ strong interests in Internet art and archives.<br />+ ability to index information consistently and to maintain numerous ongoing<br />correspondences.<br /><br />DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS<br />+ experience working within an archive, online or physical.<br />+ ability to telecommute (reliable access to Internet and computer).<br /><br />START DATE <br />September 2004.<br /><br />END DATE <br />TBD (earliest, December 2004).<br /><br />LOCATION <br />Rhizome is currently located at the New Museum of Contemporary Art's interim<br />office space in Chelsea, New York City.<br /><br />HOURS<br />1-2 days a week.<br /><br />REMUNERATION<br />This internship is unpaid but there is the option to earn credit within a<br />degree program.<br /><br />TO APPLY <br />Please email a cover letter and resume to Kevin McGarry, ArtBase<br />Coordinator: kevin@rhizome.org<br /><br />Kevin McGarry<br />Rhizome.org<br />New Museum of Contemporary Art<br />210 11th Avenue 2nd Fl.<br />New York, NY 10001<br />212.218.1288 X 220<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />7.<br /><br />Date: 8.18.04<br />From: Kevin McGarry &lt;Kevin@rhizome.org&gt;<br />Subject: FW: LMCC workspace<br /><br />—— Forwarded Message<br />From: calls@theredproject.com<br />Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 13:58:58 -0700 (PDT)<br />To: kevin@rhizome.org<br />Subject: calls x + need bkyn apt asap<br />OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - LMCC/Workspace: 120 Broadway - Session B<br />Residency Dates: November 15, 2004-April 30, 2005<br />Deadline for application materials:<br /><br />4:00 pm, September 13, 2004<br />About LMCC/Workspace:<br /><br />LMCC continues its residency program LMCC/Workspace on the 8th floor of 120<br />Broadway in space donated by Silverstein Properties. Like its former<br />location at the Woolworth Building this program encourages consideration of<br />location and context while continuing LMCC's mission to position artists in<br />lower Manhattan, create ties between the arts and business communities, and<br />support the careers of emerging artists. In 1997 LMCC began offering artist<br />residencies in the World Trade Center known as the World Views program,<br />after September 11th LMCC continued the program by establishing the New<br />Views residencies in the World Financial Center and DUMBO, Brooklyn.<br />LMCC/Workspace builds on the success of past residencies which included some<br />of today's significant young artists such as Stephen Vitiello, Paul<br />Pfeiffer, Naomi Ben-Shahar, Monika Bravo, Gelatin, Patty Chang, John Pilson,<br />Nadine Robinson, Sanford Biggers, Lucky DeBellevue, Emily Jacir, Jennie C.<br />Jones, Kristin Lucas, Jennifer<br /> &amp; Kevin McCoy, and Olu Oguibe.<br /><br /> <br />&lt;<a rel="nofollow" href="http://lmcc.pmail.biz/pmailweb/ct?id=-35+34020120+196+1+12998">http://lmcc.pmail.biz/pmailweb/ct?id=-35+34020120+196+1+12998</a>&gt;<br />[ more information and application download here ]<br /><br /> <br />Attend an LMCC/Workspace Info Session<br />Staff will review the application guidelines, answer questions about the<br />selection process, and help prepare your submission.<br /><br />Held at LMCC's One Wall Street Court Office on Tuesday, August 3, from<br />6-7:30 pm. RSVP, by email rsvp@lmcc.net or call 212-219-9401 x302.<br /><br />—— End of Forwarded Message<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />For $65 annually, Rhizome members can put their sites on a Linux<br />server, with a whopping 350MB disk storage space, 1GB data transfer per<br />month, catch-all email forwarding, daily web traffic stats, 1 FTP<br />account, and the capability to host your own domain name (or use<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://rhizome.net/your_account_name">http://rhizome.net/your_account_name</a>). Details at:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://rhizome.org/services/1.php">http://rhizome.org/services/1.php</a><br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />8.<br /><br />Date: 8.20.04<br />From: Rhizome.org &lt;artbase@rhizome.org&gt;<br />Subject: Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase: INTERVALS by Peter Horvath<br /><br />Just added to the Rhizome ArtBase …<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://rhizome.org/object.rhiz?26360">http://rhizome.org/object.rhiz?26360</a><br />+ INTERVALS +<br />+ Peter Horvath +<br /><br />Intervals explores a series of characters whose investigation of self and<br />identity unfold and elide through a sequence of cinematic interludes.<br />Hovering through an amorphous landscape we begin by observing the mirror<br />images of four animated figures. At once seductive and illusive, these<br />portraits successively expose their most intimate selves through accounts of<br />lost innocence, fear of the unknown, masculine ritual and the mystery of<br />love. Here identity is subject to slippages, distortions, and to filmic<br />alter egos that mimic and echo their subjects&#xE2;?? memory.<br /><br />Horvath&#xE2;??s innovative use of pop-up windows create a virtual collage that<br />posit identity as a series of random &#xE2;??memory acts&#xE2;?? but whose inquiry<br />accumulate into a slowly revealing narrative of the human condition.- Celina<br />Jeffery <br />+ + +<br /><br />Biography<br /><br />Peter Horvath works in video, sound, photo-based and new media. Camera in<br />hand since age 6, he inhaled darkroom fumes until his late 20&#xE2;??s, then<br />began exploring art forms in time based media. Immersed himself in digital<br />technologies at the birth of the Web, co-founded 6168.org, a site for<br />net.art, and adopted techniques of photo-montage which he uses in his net<br />based and 2D works. Exhibitions include the Whitney Museum Of American<br />Art&#xE2;??s Artport, the 17th Stuttgarter Filmwinter (Stuttgart, Germany) FILE<br />2004 (S&#xC3;&#xA2;o Paulo, Brazil), Video Zone International Video Art Biennial (Tel<br />Aviv, Israel) the Thailand New Media Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand) the<br />Mus&#xC3;&#xA9;e national des beaux-arts du Qu&#xC3;&#xA9;bec (Qu&#xC3;&#xA9;bec City, Canada) as well as<br />venues in New York, Tokyo, London, and numerous net.art showings. He is a<br />founding member of the net.art collective Hell.com. He likes to consider a<br />future when high bandwidth will be free.<br />ALSO:<br /><br />Life is Like Water - <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.6168.org/subway/">http://www.6168.org/subway/</a><br /><br />Turbulence Artists Studio - <a rel="nofollow" href="http://turbulence.org/studios/horvath/index.html">http://turbulence.org/studios/horvath/index.html</a><br /><br />.<br />.<br />High Speed access makes us happy.<br />.<br />.<br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />9.<br /><br />Date: 8.17.04<br />From: Curt Cloninger &lt;curt@lab404.com&gt;<br />Subject: canonization via syndication [google.directory_curatorial remix]<br />and [reinhold_grether remix]<br /><br />source:<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/">http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/</a><br /><br />copies: (who knew net art could be so advertiser-friendly!)<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://24up.org/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/">http://24up.org/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://asian-links.com/cgi/odp/index.cgi?base=%2FArts%2FDigital%2FNet_Art%2F">http://asian-links.com/cgi/odp/index.cgi?base=%2FArts%2FDigital%2FNet_Art%2F</a><br />Artists_and_Projects%2F<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://categoryweb.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects">http://categoryweb.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://cheap-holidays-flights.co.uk/dir.cgi/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and">http://cheap-holidays-flights.co.uk/dir.cgi/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and</a><br />_Projects/<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://dir.ansme.com/arts/322605.html">http://dir.ansme.com/arts/322605.html</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://dir.nodeworks.com/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/">http://dir.nodeworks.com/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://directory.cync.jp/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/">http://directory.cync.jp/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://directory.derkeiler.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects">http://directory.derkeiler.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://directory.dominion-web.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Proje">http://directory.dominion-web.com/Top/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Proje</a><br />cts<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://directory.tiscali.es/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects">http://directory.tiscali.es/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" 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href="http://dmoz.supereva.it/cgi-bin/index.chm?/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_">http://dmoz.supereva.it/cgi-bin/index.chm?/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_</a><br />Projects/<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://freshlinks.net/odp.aspx/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/">http://freshlinks.net/odp.aspx/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects/</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://homebasedbusiness.at/Directory.285.0.html_cat___Arts__Digital__Net_Ar">http://homebasedbusiness.at/Directory.285.0.html_cat___Arts__Digital__Net_Ar</a><br />t__Artists_and_Projects<br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://ilectric.com/glance/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects">http://ilectric.com/glance/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects</a><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://locual.com/D/Idioma/English/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects">http://locual.com/D/Idioma/English/Arts/Digital/Net_Art/Artists_and_Projects</a><br />/<br /><a rel="nofollow" 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friend just sent me this HAWKING quote,<br /><br />&quot;I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says<br />something about human nature that the only form of life we have created<br />so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.–<br />Stephen Hawking&quot;<br /><br />I wanted to see what others had to say about the whole thing.<br /><br />I was surprised. I really disagree with the destructive aspect…. i<br />dont know that viruses are created with intent to destroy. They are an<br />actual act of creation. I think they maybe be intended for subversion,<br />but not destruction. if something gets destroyed, it should be a poor<br />reflection on the maker of the system itself for leaving holes and<br />windows - or, just plainly not taking care or having a respect for the<br />end user of the system. The system needs to be designed to include the<br />most distent end user….. and if it is not, that end user will<br />eventually break the system with the weight of its mind.<br /><br />I think it is part of our nature to subvert systems, to what extent we<br />take that subversion and the way we go about administering our sense of<br />change is a whole other issue.<br /><br />* I cant help but to look at what i just said,.. and see it in a global<br />context,.. and question the ramifications of such a point of view. :)<br /><br />hmmm I will have more to say on this after i devise a way too cook some<br />eggs.<br /><br />-jeremy<br /><br /><a rel="nofollow" href="http://silencematters.com/shhhh/shhhh.html">http://silencematters.com/shhhh/shhhh.html</a><br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />11.<br /><br />Date: 8.20.04<br />From: Lauren Cornell &lt;lclclc70@hotmail.com&gt;<br />Subject: Interview with Natalie Jeremijenko by Lauren Cornell.<br />Interview with Natalie Jeremijenko by Lauren Cornell.<br />Wednesday, June 30, 2004, 9:45 pm.<br />The scene: Natalie Jeremijenko enters frantically with her young children, E<br />and Yo, who disperse towards their bedroom. She spots me waiting on a chair<br />in her living room and remembers our interview (&#xB3;Oh, its Wednesday&#xB2;).<br />Turning to her roommate, who had let me in, she explains the dilemma of her<br />lost goose. After procuring a flashlight, her roommate headed to the Hudson<br />river to look for it. NJ puts E (6yo) and Yo (4yo) to sleep and we begin the<br />interview over white wine on ice. NJ remains in a state of readiness for the<br />wayward goose by keeping phone in hand.<br /><br />+++<br /><br />LC: Is it too complicated to explain what happened with the goose? Or,<br />perhaps too traumatic?<br /><br />NJ: One of my robotic geese is at large on the Hudson. We were just goosing:<br />using it to play with and talk to the Canada Geese that live near the<br />garbage pier, at 12th street. But, the robot ran away, or went out of range<br />and is floating around out there–transmitting its POV to no-one–totally<br />out of control. <br /><br />The goose robots are part of my current obsession and project: the OOZ. It&#xB9;s<br />a project to rethink the relationship between humans and non-humans<br />institutionalized in contexts like zoos. You know, places where animals are<br />incarcerated, incapacitated, and made dependant. So, all the interesting<br />things that animals do: territorial negotiations, social stratification,<br />courtship? is taken away. Its all chopped food and arranged marriages in<br />places like zoos, or worse, artificial insemination because most of the<br />animals are too depressed to get it up, so to speak. The zoo is one kind of<br />institutionalization we all know– there is also pets or hunting, bestiality<br />? So the question of the OOZ is whether there is another way of relating,<br />because none of those kinds of institutionalized contexts work particularly<br />well for the animals, or for us, especially if you want to know anything<br />about their complex social functioning. For instance, hunters might get to<br />know their huntees quite well, and surprisingly they do, but the interaction<br />is limited. OOZ is a project to re-think all of that. And it all started<br />out of this fantastic place called De Verbeeling {www.verbeelding.nl] who<br />commissioned a new project?<br /><br />(Yo enters and reports a possible Zombie problem in the bedroom. We discuss<br />possible Zombie deterrents.. Yo stays.)<br /><br />NJ: So, we started with this commission from the De Verbeelding (translation<br />from Dutch: The Imagination) . An interesting place to work at because it is<br />in the newest village in the Netherlands, a mere 30 year old really verdant<br />landscape, reclaimed, as the Dutch will do, from the sea. Build a few dykes,<br />pump out the water, and voila vast new territory: green expanses and, you<br />know, a thoroughly constructed nature. There is no delusion that there is a<br />pristine state to return to, nor any idea of untouched nature, none of those<br />kinds of manufactured hallucinations.<br />The first thing to do - if you want to facilitate positive interaction<br />between urban populations of humans and urban populations of non-humans - is<br />to think about the context, or niche, and designing an environment from a<br />non-humancentric pov. An ooz is a zoo backwards and without cages, right so:<br />what do places that animals and humans cohabit look like? ; can we ensure a<br />quality of life such that the animals willingly inhabit without confinement<br />and coercement? and they like it enough to even tolerate human interaction<br />Verbeelding had already been appropriated by the local population of feral<br />geese as their nesting ground. It was lovely to see the award winning glam<br />architectural structure taken over by the local gaggle of geese. So, the<br />first OOZ interface is there: an interface to facilitate interaction between<br />the geese and the De Verbeelding audience.<br /><br />LC: So, where is the interaction part?<br /><br />NJ: Well, the main interactive interface is this robotic goose that can<br />drive around amongst the geese, follow them, play with them and just, be in<br />there. You drive the robot around from this chair positioned at the back of<br />the pavilion overlooking the lake: when you lean forward, your goose agent<br />leans forward, and when you go to the side, it goes to the side etc. You can<br />talk to the geese as well, through robotic ventriloquism so to speak. You<br />can say &#xB3;hello&#xB2; &#xB3;quack&#xB2; or &#xB3;howdoyoudo&#xB2; or issue these pre-recorded goose<br />words. Then see what the geese do back. You can try all sorts of ways of<br />communicating through proximity, verbal utterances, or through the actuated<br />neck–neck positions turns out to be important if you want to strike up<br />friendly relations. So, there is an experiment behind this– each time you<br />issue an utterance , the robotic goose samples back the response. That is,<br />the video camera in the goose head, records back 2-4 seconds of their<br />response and that uploads to a database. And, you can annotate that : you<br />might say &#xB3;I think the goose was saying &#xB3;hello&#xB2; &#xB3; ?..or &#xB3; piss off&#xB2; , or<br />whatever you think the geese meant. You have this ongoing database that<br />people can interpret– a distributed interpretation &#xAD; of the goose/goose<br />robot creole as it develops.<br /><br />Traditionally, understanding the study of goose language is the activity of<br />an expert: Konrad Lorenz who is the Nobel Prize winning guy who took on<br />geese. But this is a strange way to learn a language&#xAD;– we all understand<br />that you don&#xB9;t learn language from the dictionary, from a single person,<br />from a top-down authority. Language is a distributed phenomenon. It depends<br />on shared meaning. The experiment of this project is that we can learn<br />goose(!), but that we can learn it in the distributed, participatory manner<br />that defines what language is.<br /><br />LC: So, that lost goose is precious.<br /><br />NJ: Ooooo yes. about 800 dollars worth of video and circuitry. But this one<br />was called White Cheek (by Yo) and it was rather a nice one.<br /><br />LC: Does the OOZ project only focus on geese, or are you getting inside<br />other animal populations..?<br /><br />NJ: There are many species I would like to interact with. We have built an<br />interface for water striders, designed one for bats and Koalas, and I am<br />studying beavers, bears and elephants ?. thinking about how to facilitate<br />productive interaction between these species. (us and them that is)<br /><br />LC: I didn&#xB9;t realize you were currently so involved in OOZ and these other<br />projects over the summer. In talking to you as we set up this meeting, it<br />seemed you had dropped everything to focus on Kurtz.<br /><br />NJ: Not dropped. But, the Kurtz issue is horrible and, well what to do? We<br />did just launch the Kurtz shout-out line today. Have you seen the<br />Anti-terror line? <br /><br />LC: Yes &#xAD; the line to report cases of civil liberty infringement. Its<br />modeled on John Ashcrofts&#xB9; TIPS (and others like it: 1800NYCSAFE) , right?<br />Except the Anti-Terror line is about criticizing the kind of distrust and<br />discriminatory tips they collect, , and the paranoid, acclimate of anxiety<br />that TIPS climate brings on. I like how it attempts to share information,<br />and make isolated cases publicly accumulated and available &#xAD; where TIPS<br />would do the opposite.<br /><br />NJ: Yes - The Kurtz Shout Out line tries to capture the public outcry,<br />literally, around his case.<br /><br />LC: What will you do once you have gathered all the messages on the<br />Anti-terror and Kurtz lines?<br /><br />NJ: We might mix it some with a nice drum and bass beat to make an ambient<br />track. They have also be used in radio and tv documentaries, quoted by the<br />press. The potentials for use are open. For the Anti-terror line, for<br />example, there has been one traditional documentary film. And, as you<br />suggested, we are doing ongoing analysis of the anatomy of antiterrorism<br />attacks. It is one thing just to bemoan civil liberties, but to actually<br />record the banality of what civil liberties infringements are, what are we<br />actually losing and to have a kind of aural evidence for it is another.. Its<br />ready for supporting many cases, films, radio stories or forms of media<br />production that don&#xB9;t translate in a text. Its data.<br /><br />And in this case, I think its really interesting that the Kurtz shout-out<br />line can capture the sheer emotions of his persecution, prosecution. You<br />know there is an absolute crisis of confidence in the federal<br />administration. Of course, there is a cynicism and skepticism, but to see it<br />as this brute, inept, bullying you know &#xAD; is a tremendous crisis. While only<br />some people feel authorized to write a letter, many people will just feel ok<br />just to say something, just to say ?this really scares me&#xB9;, or ?this is<br />really crazy&#xB9;. You know the rant or the performance. To be able to<br />accumulate this does capture the public outcry in a way that might be more<br />vivid than a headcount at a rally/ demonstration, than placards, t-shirts or<br />sloganeering that are otherwise used.<br /><br />LC: So, these lines are produced through the Bureau of Inverse Technology.<br />Are you the Bureau of Inverse Technology now, or are there significant<br />others involved? <br /><br />NJ: It&#xB9;s a huge, multi-national network..<br /><br />LC: Oh, is it really because I know how these collectives work..<br /><br />NJ: Huge! <br /><br />LC: Right. <br /><br />NJ: Extensive? Unending.<br /><br />LC: Yeah, I run a huge not-for-profit, too, but actually, its largely<br />volunteer run, and everyone involved is enormously busy, so often I am just<br />the director of myself (and everything else). It really is unending.. So,<br />since it is so vast then, how do you account for BIT Activities?<br /><br />NJ: Well we have a Decade Report we are actually coming out with that<br />reveals who is behind the Bureau. And, it talks about why that has all been<br />a bit unclear, you know, why Corporate Art?art produced with a bureaucratic<br />front - has been a response that people have had to the information age:<br />Bureau is not alone RtMark, Etoy, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Critical<br />Art Ensemble, Electronic Disturbance Theater, The Yes Men, bureau of low<br />technology, survival research labs, and various other new media/technology<br />collectives of different sorts. It is not the kind of 70&#xB9;s anonymous,<br />collective of Guerilla Girl anonymity &#xAD; they each explore different takes on<br />what authorship and authority are in the information age ?<br /><br />Roommate RE-ENTERS.<br />LC: He&#xB9;s goose-less. ( there had been a few phone calls ?. updating Natalie.<br />She is not surprised but visibly disappointed)<br /><br />NJ: Oh - Thank you Robb, for night goose searching.<br /><br />LC: What happened? <br /><br />ROB: Well I went out there and saw many things that weren&#xB9;t it. I was<br />watching a piece of wood for a while that I thought might be it, and then a<br />buoy. <br /><br />(Natalie makes plans to go out later)<br /><br />NJ: Right, so for Yes Men and RtMark, they play anonymity in order to<br />facilitate a prankmanship. This is very different from what we are doing,<br />albeit funnier Or ETOY is more rock-band, all wearing the same uniform. A<br />visual thing, a larger brand with consistency. But with the Bureau, its very<br />much the issue of the conditions of production of technological artifacts.<br />There is always a diffused accountability, you are never quite sure who made<br />this or that program, you can never call up and say Joe, I don&#xB9;t like your<br />spellchecker, why is the dictionary in microsoft-word so 5th grade, can&#xB9;t<br />you use Oxford English? There are always these kind of layers and layers of<br />uncertainty, you never quite know who has done what, nor who is responsible,<br />authorship is diffuse. It is this that motivated the Bureau to use a<br />bureaucratic front. And so, this Decade Report, makes a pointed<br />accountability, as in the end, the only way to counter the bureaucracy is<br />this direct accountability. It doesn&#xB9;t mitigate different roles or different<br />ways bureau agents have played into different projects but it seems now is<br />the time to provide accountability for those, because the way to understand<br />bureaucracy is through the people involved. Like Milgram did. And that&#xB9;s<br />coming. Soon. <br /><br />ROB: Are faces going to be revealed?<br /><br />NJ: Faces, names, roles ?<br /><br />LC: So you&#xB9;ll still put us on hold, but we&#xB9;ll know exactly who you are.<br /><br />&lt;Break&gt;<br /><br />LC: I am interested in the new D4PA Weapons project &#xAD; the idea of equipping<br />anyone from pedestrians or protestors with their own surveillance or<br />communication technologies. Things like Bit Rocket that can capture picture<br />of crowds, seems like it could be really useful at a protest where<br />documentation is so important, and always so lacking. Or BIT radio, which<br />transmits news &#xB3;break-ins&#xB2; on established stations &#xAD; Maybe you could an pack<br />an R N C toolkit with these. Or the Bureau should have some lower chain<br />mignons do so. The Bureau is behind D4PA weapons, yes?<br /><br />NJ: Yes, that&#xB9;s a Bureau archive.<br /><br />LC: You seem to be kicking off so many projects at the minute. How do you<br />have time for the distribution bit? Getting the word out. Specifically with<br />the lines, which are designed to be so wide-ranging, how will you outreach<br />for them? <br /><br />NJ: Asking people informally to call &#xAD; that kind of propagation through<br />social network is in effect, and that&#xB9;s how things really get done. The<br />official press releases and releases &#xAD; while that evokes some interest and<br />has some documentation, it doesn&#xB9;t necessarily get the project done. It<br />doesn&#xB9;t really get to the East Asian journalist association or the various<br />immigrant groups who you&#xB9;d like to have these numbers programmed into their<br />cell phone. <br /><br />LC: Right &#xAD; what about stickers? You could put those up in phone-booths. I&#xB9;d<br />help. But &#xAD; I don&#xB9;t know if anybody uses phone-booths anymore..<br /><br />NJ: Stickers would be good. But I like credit cards &#xAD; because how many<br />credit cards do you get sent in the mail with you know &#xB3;Your Name Here&#xB2; &#xAD;<br />and it&#xB9;s the idea of one that you don&#xB9;t actually keep but that you pass on,<br />again re-enforcing the idea of a social network. Once you have programmed it<br />( the number) into your cell phone &#xAD;, you can pass it on, its sort of a<br />torch relaying thing? There is this another line in New York and London, by<br />the way, called the Sparrow line..<br /><br />LC: I didn&#xB9;t think there were any sparrows in New York before the Sparrow<br />line &#xAD; your line that asks people to call in with sightings from around the<br />city? <br /><br />NJ: Yes - There are only a few (left). And it&#xB9;s interesting because sparrows<br />have co-existed with Western civilization for centuries and centuries &#xAD; I<br />think to quote Macbeth that there are &#xB3;there is a special providence in the<br />Fall of the sparrow&#xB2;. If you think of sparrows as canaries, it is a<br />tremendous indictment of contemporary urban environments &#xAD; for this<br />creature, who has co-habited very closely with humans for centuries has<br />disappeared in a sudden catastrophic population decline in the last 8 years,<br />no one can provide any explanations.<br /><br />I would argue that artists, like people can and do generate knowledge. I<br />mean the traditional view is that knowledge is generated by highly<br />disciplined experts in highly credential, proper institutions. Knowledge is<br />a privileged institution. I would beg to differ. Disciplined knowledge can<br />produce some kinds of truth claims, but there is a controversial idea that<br />in fact some questions are better suited to this diverse participation &#xAD; In<br />this case, with what I am a getting a through sparrow line, we&#xB9;ll have a<br />better chance of understanding why the sparrow population is declining than<br />all the other EPA-funded scientists because of the sheer statistical<br />variance involved. Getting the speculative explanations, and sightings from<br />a whole bunch of friends who live in New York, is just more information, and<br />more diverse date than they have. so basically, if you see a sparrow you<br />can upload a report. The interesting thing is that in Paris the sparrows are<br />doing fine. In New York and London, they are not. And there are Bureau<br />offices in both cities.<br /><br />L:C: These lines are interesting because of how they riff ideas of<br />participatory democracy. They set up structures that encourage a plurality<br />of voices. At the same time, their structure (built and mediated by an<br />anonymous bureau, display of calls) references the systems of focus groups,<br />news opinion polls or corporate feedback that inaccurately represent people,<br />and distort what free participation, choice or expression could look like.<br /><br />NJ: What really is participation? There is a lot of new media sites and<br />projects that ask you to &#xB3;put in your perspective&#xB2;, &#xB3;share your<br />experience.&#xB2;, &#xB3;what do you think?&#xB2; &quot;give us your feedback&quot; &quot;fill out this<br />survey, and win a car&#xB2;. In fact, Creative Time did that thing -<br />public input on whether or not the towers of light should go up. It is<br />tremendously problematic to assert art by consensus, that you need to do a<br />survey, or create a consensual committee - - I am very critical of this kind<br />of vague gesture at participatory protocols. Structures<br />of participation are very specific and very political. Vague inclusiveness<br />fails to represent collectives and individuals. What technology does<br />primarily is structure participation. That means who gets to participate,<br />and how, and what they get to talk about or you can have an opinion about,<br />or in how in some way you can be involved &#xAD; is extraordinarily political. It<br />is the political issue of the information age. I would argue, different<br />structures of participation produce radically different information. With<br />Amazon.com you upload your review, you can click<br />people-who-liked-this-book-also-liked/bought, and get other books<br />recommended &#xAD; ! I don&#xB9;t want that kind of anonymous, bland inclusive<br />information. it is worse than useless, it doesn't take me anywhere<br />interesting. I want to know who wrote that review, an email address, from<br />Okron Ohio doesn't tell me that. I want to know what you, Lauren Cornell are<br />interested in, what my students are reading, what my chair, curator or<br />mother has read. This is a very structural issue. Participation should not<br />mean bland free-for-alls.<br /><br />LC: So, I didn&#xB9;t see the through-line of your interest in human relationship<br />to animals, I have seen that you were interested in giving voice to<br />inanimate objects? <br /><br />NJ: I am interested in agency, which is something that is not just human<br />despite a long philosophical tradition to assert exactly this. It&#xB9;s a<br />fundamental political question: how you think about agency. The OOZ project<br />really interests me because it is about addressing &quot;the other&quot;, demarcating<br />differences that have political consequences. Subhumans, be they women,<br />aborigines, perverts or animals do not have, or at some points in history,<br />have not had a political voice, have their agency curtailed and controlled<br />through territory, editing or other devices.<br /><br />What is interesting about our relationships to animals is we use exactly the<br />same xenophobic language, the same discursive structures on immigrants as we<br />use for &quot;invasive species&quot;. We work out all sorts of things this way:<br />homosexuality was normalized through demonstrating its ubiquity in<br />nonhumans; conversely the opposition to same sex marriage is that people<br />claim &quot;itsnot natural&quot;, the same argument that has been used against<br />interracial and cross-cultural marriages. Scientific explanations of animal<br />behavior have political saliency. As the sociologist of science Bruno<br />Latour says: &quot;Nature, far from being an obvious domain of reality, is a way<br />of assembling political order without due process.&quot; He, like the OOZ project<br />proposes ending the dichotomy between nature and society, and would also<br />assert in its place a collective incorporating humans and nonhumans. There<br />is a great book on homosexuality in animals if you are interested …. the<br />title is wonderful: &quot;Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural<br />Diversity&#xB2; by an obsessive fellow called Bagemihl.<br /><br />The interesting thing about animals is that they demonstrate that we, and<br />our urban megapolis, are inside nature, not separate or distinct from it.<br />When animals make autonomous choices to inhabit places that we do not<br />recognize as 'natural' they teach us that we actually live in something<br />natural. Take for instance the geese that have taken on the garbage truck<br />parking lot down the block on the Hudson as their nesting ground. They are<br />thriving …. despite every effort to make things impossible for them.,<br />cutting the long grasses, paving over any feeding ground, leaking a terrible<br />cocktails of garbage juice?. Yet they survive!!<br /><br />In the OOZ project we can look at animals and see, if we try, models of<br />governance, territory negotiations, and social dynamics like class mobility<br />in geese …. In many ways, animals are a better test of agency than<br />avatars and digital creatures. The animals actually do have character. They<br />do talk back in ways that we haven't coded, predicted nor programmed. We may<br />have mastery and dominion over digital creatures and simulated complexity,<br />but what is interesting is how much we don't have dominion over animals and<br />their(our) actual environment. Despite all the poisons, trapping<br />technologies, urban and structural strategies, NY has as many mice as it<br />does people….. We have not prevailed and instead of killing them we have a<br />lot to learn from them ….. they are data.<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />Rhizome.org is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization and an affiliate of<br />the New Museum of Contemporary Art.<br /><br />Rhizome Digest is supported by grants from The Charles Engelhard<br />Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation for<br />the Visual Arts, and with public funds from the New York State Council<br />on the Arts, a state agency.<br /><br />+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +<br /><br />Rhizome Digest is filtered by Kevin McGarry (kevin@rhizome.org). ISSN:<br />1525-9110. Volume 9, number 34. Article submissions to list@rhizome.org<br />are encouraged. 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