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Please if you are a serious artist/ musician / promoter /writer Like ME and Looking for a project by all means contact me. I,m partners in a sound company, I'm a mainstage act drummer,I compose some guitar string songs as well.More open mike type stuff there. I own a diesel tour bus and small organic vegetable farm Upstate NY North of Binghamton East of Ithaca-MY summerTIME ZEN-buddhist[athiest] retreat. Winter tours are snowboarding ski trips, my son is a snowboard instructor I am a skiing instructor. e-mail: dogjuice011@yahoo.com John McArdle@facebook pEACE N love FOLKS!

John McArdle Oct. 19 2012 14:29Reply

~ * babylon john john mcardle rhizome.org * ~ I'm a anti-consumer based petro-chemical nuclear industrial age artist. Humanity in it's present form and choice is doomed, my mantra is aRT * mUSIC aRT * mUSIC aRT * mUSIC. My organic vegetable farm, house barn buildings etc. is paid for[no mortgage or debt]I own a diesel tour bus and i,m partners in a sound company.I'm also a mainstage act drummer and a published poet.I have a punk rock comedy television series I helped produce and perform in[presently incomplete and edited for syndication] FEEL free to contact me if any of this interests you[e-mail] dogjuice011@yahoo.com [note* zero one one] babylon john john mcardle @ facebook
I see no need to seek the status quo in art anymore [Free to do what I want !]Maybe you can coax me into something?