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(area)code is a mapping system which collects memories and reveals hidden
histories behind key sites in Manchester city centre. The new word on the
streets is (area)code, a two-way information exchange for mobile phone users
in Manchester. The system will evolve like a virtual scrapbook, with on the
fly contributions from members of the public. Devised and managed by
creative producers blink and artist Jen Southern (area)code aims to
encourage comment on urban redevelopments in central Manchester via text.

An important textile centre since the Middle Ages, today Manchester depends
on its strength in retail and leisure and sees a boom in city centre living
in refurbished mill spaces. How do such radical changes affect our daily
lives? Do we feel involved in urban planning or do we find our lives simply
have to alter to fit these new reappropriated spaces?(area)code is one of the
first systems to use sms and the ubiquitous mobile phone to invisibly attach
information to buildings. An interesting form of graffiti for those who wish
to read it, (area)code invites you to collect and reflect upon your
immediate environment, and enables new forms of engagement between person
and place.
Developed for Futuresonic04 Manchester's new media festival
(www.futuresonic.com) which attracts international art and media delegates
(area)code aims to inspire comments about the affect of urban regeneration
on its citizens.

Lisa Roberts Director of blink said,