babylon john

Yes! by all means! poke the stick in the wasp nest. Stir up controversy, create dialogue which incourages debate or pretentious and contentious comments. Snubbing my nose @ the establishment elite. Six figure or above salaried executives who try to run this consumer based petro-chemical nightmare. Which we all now know is not sustainable at current natural resource use. So your great great grandchildren will witness the demise of a once pristene planet. So what indulge your hedonistic desires. Go ahead persue that matierialistic goal. A NEW CAR (mercedes benz)- Convertible. A House in The Hamptons on Long Island. Purchase that winery in Napa valley california. See if i care? I'll be dead and gone and they will still be pouring new concrete foundations for nuclear power plants refinerys chemical plants. Just for once in your life "Throw the dog a bone!" ARF ARF! musicians busking on the streets. Poets philosophers sages "enlightened ones" Seeking a refuge. CONTACT ME "babylon john john mcardle" Upstate NY artists summer refuge and self sufficient farm has begun.(BINGHAMTON ITHACA area) Regardless of your greedy petty endeavors. Success is built on a mountain of failures. Adversity builds character. It is better than to have tried and failed and died in poverty and recluseness than to succomb to mediocrity and the status quo. Viva La Revolution!

John McArdle March 10 2013 11:05Reply

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