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Rethinking Time

Press Release

Release Date: 22 March 2004

Rethinking Time
Peterborough Digital Arts
9 April _ 23 May 2004

Telephone:01733 343329
Facsimile:01733 341928

Peterborough Digital Arts
Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery

Rethinking Time is an exhibition of works that rethink notions of time, technology and the
senses. The show brings together work by over 40 artists that have taken part in the innovative
LabCulture residencies run by PVA Media Lab, Bridport, a project that unites emerging and
practising artist for intensive week-long residencies.

The Rethinking Time Exhibition has been selected by Curator Ele Carpenter, and combines a
mix of experimental short audio and video works with larger more developed video, sonic and
interactive installations. Most of the short works were produced during a week LabCulture
residency or Lab. This limited time scale results in a clarity and lack of preciousness in the
completed projects. Their strength comes from the development of raw ideas in a critically
rigorous, highly resourced digital environment.

Artists can also use Labs to develop work in progress to be completed back in the studio or
through an individual residency at PVA in Bridport. The exhibition includes five of these major
works by Ming Wong, Damien Robinson, Alistair Gentry & Joe Magee, Ellie Harrison and Scott

Damien Robinson's sonic-acoustic work 'Songbird' alters sound frequency so that people with a
range of hearing ability will experience the work on different levels. Alistair Gentry & Joe
Magee's 'Hypnomart' animates the rituals of shoppers as observed by cctv cameras in a
shopping mall. Ming Wong's projected 'Monologue' encyclopaedia questions historical
specificity. Scott Martin has invented a quirky low-tech wine glass projector and will be creating
a new work for the opening night of the exhibition.

The exhibition title asks us to think about how we perceive time. When we record time, we have
to rethink it: sounds, events and actions speed up, slow down, get repeated, edited, and
reconfigured. The artworks in the exhibition all alter our perception of time in different ways.

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Notes for Editors

LabCulture brings together 10 visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, sound and
performance artists with 4 artist facilitators for intensive week residencies. The multi-disciplinary
environment is both supportive and challenging. Work is developed through critical discussion,
and involvement in all aspects of producing ideas. PVA also supports artists through individual
residencies, exhibitions and commissions, working in partnership with arts organisations across
the UK and internationally.

LabCulture is coming to Peterborough Digital Arts prior to the Rethinking Time exhibition.

Giles Askam, Visual Arts Co-ordinator for Peterbrough Digital Arts says:
"LabCulture is a rare opportunity for artists to develop work in new media led by their
ideas rather than training in specific software. We're really excited to be hosting a Lab for
artists and presenting the Rethinking Time exhibition which will be an opportunity for the
public to engage with the work."

Julie Penfold of PVA says:
"LabCulture is also a time for artists to reassess and rethink their practice, and the
experience can be a significant turning point in their work."

LabCultures take place at partnership organisations around the UK including: The Eden Project,
Cornwall; ArtSway, New Forest; Lighthouse, Brighton; Vivid, Birmingham; Watershed, Bristol;
Isis, Newcastle upon Tyne; Camden Roundhouse, London; IDAT, Plymouth; Golden Thread
Gallery, Belfast; and Peterborough Digital Arts.

LabCulture is supported by Arts Council of England.

For further information about PVA and LabCulture see www.pva.org.uk

LabCulture at Peterborough Digital Arts 28 March _ 3 April.
Rethinking Time Exhibition launch: 7 _ 9pm Thursday 8 April
Show continues until 23 May

For Images and further info contact:
Giles Askham Multimedia/ Visual Arts Worker
Peterborough Digital Arts
T: 01733 343 119