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Voting Problem for Commissions

I know the voting form just went live, and you may have already noticed this, but on the project pages which are hosted by rhizome, the voting form isn't displaying correctly for me (so far it seems to display fine on pages hosted elsewhere). I'm running Safari, if that makes a difference.

Here's a screenshot of how it looked


on this page:


Anyone else seeing similar probs?


Sal Randolph 7 years, 9 months agoReply

hmm, others seem to be working fine, so it's likely just an issue with that one page.

Patrick May 7 years, 9 months agoReply

There was a bug that was fixed. Thanks for the heads up. Please send notes about technical issues with voting to: mailto:patrick.may@rhizome.org

MTAA 7 years, 9 months agoReply

I've run into one artist that neglected to put the voting form on the proposal.


re: form

Looks fine to me in Safari version 3.1

Pattie Belle Hastings 7 years, 9 months agoReply

Mine is not on the Rhizome servers, but I just checked my site in Safari and the voting bar does not appear - it's there in Firefox, but not Safari.


Scott Murray 7 years, 9 months agoReply

I also observed that the voting form does not appear in Safari 3.1, but now I see it also not showing in Firefox. I wonder if the form simply does not load if the proposal already has a certain number of votes? This would fit with encouraging around the same number of votes for each proposal.

Scott Murray 7 years, 9 months agoReply

Update: Just got a note from Patrick. Looks like this is fixed, and the voting form is now working in both Safari and Firefox. See his note here: http://rhizome.org/editorial/fp/blog.php/632#51910

Kalx 7 years, 9 months agoReply

I changed my email address from kalx@hell.com, which is listed on the commission to kalx@kalx.com. I hope this doesn't cause any major problems.