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create/remove online discussion forum

CRITICAL FORUM Thursday 26th February 16:00GMT

Charlie Gere and Giles Lane, will discuss the ideas and themes explored
by 'create/remove' with the artist Rich White. Chaired by Marc Garrett.
To view the live critical debate, select FORUM from the FurtherStudio
You are then invited to join the panelists in an open, public discussion in the FurtherStudio chat room.

MARC GARRETT will be chairing this event and is a net artist &
co-director of Furtherfield.org http://www.furtherfield.org/mgarrett

CHARLIE GERE is Lecturer in Digital Art History in the School of History
of Art, Film and Visual Media, Birkbeck College, University of London.
He is the author of Digital Culture (Reaktion Books, 2002). He is
currently undertaking research into the relation between speed,
technology and the avant-garde.

GILES LANE is the founder and director of Proboscis, a non profit
creative studio and cultural think tank. Giles founded and edited COIL
journal of the moving image (1995-2000) as well as conceiving and
developing the DIFFUSION eBook downloadable book format. He has
published around 30 titles in this format since 2000. In 1998 Giles
founded the imprint RCA CRD RESEARCH at the Royal College of Art where
he commissioned, edited and published five books on experimental
interaction design projects. He has written other books on digital
design and creativity for Rotovision and product design company IDEO.

RICH WHITE is the resident artist at Furtherstudio until 29th February 2004.