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Call For Papers: Media And Communication Studies

IJMCS: The International Journal for Media and Communication Studies
Online at: http://www.aber.ac.uk/~jmcwww

This is to notify you of the existence of a new on-line journal for all
aspects of media and communication studies. At present, papers may be
submitted without regard to any more specific theme, although it may be
useful to note the interests of the editorial team (see below).

Why Publish in IJMCS?

We will give particular emphasis to issues which transcend single media,
single countries or regions, and single disciplines. Whilst maintaining
a refereed channel for publishing academic papers we will also offer a
less formal outlet for working papers or practitioner papers.
Publication in this on-line journal will be much faster than is possible
in print journals. Copyright will remain with our authors so that
versions of what you publish online may still be submitted to print
outlets which will accept this arrangement (subject only to
acknowledgement of this journal). We will similarly consider papers
published in print for which you have retained on-line publishing
rights. Authors will be likely to reach a far larger readership than
with print journals. Feedback from readers is also likely to be much
greater since simply clicking on the author's email ID will enable
interested readers to respond immediately and directly to published

Our current plan is to publish as and when we accept submissions, so
that there may not be separate 'issues' as in the print journals. Papers
and book reviews on any topic which the editors regard as falling within
the field of media and communication studies may be submitted
immediately. Later, we may also focus on particular themes.

General Editor

Dr Daniel Chandler
University of Wales, Aberystwyth


Dr Chris Arthur
University of Wales, Lampeter

Dr Ron Burnett
President, Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design,

Cynthia Carter
University of Wales, Cardiff

Sean Cubitt
Liverpool John Moores University, England

Mike Enders
Charles Sturt University, Australia

Alan Finlayson
Queens University of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Dr Dan Fleming
University of Ulster at Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Dr Gregory B. Lee
University of Hong Kong

Jamie Medhurst
University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Professor Peter Medway
Carleton University, Canada

Kristina Ross
University of Texas at El Paso, USA

Martin Ryder
Storage Technology Corporation, Louisville, Colorado, USA

Dr Michael A Shapiro
Cornell University

Dr Brian Shoesmith
Edith Cowan University, Australia

Dr James Slevin
University of Amsterdam

Dr Ilana Snyder
Monash University, Australia

Associate Editors

Dr Stuart Allan
University of Glamorgan, Wales

Bob Morris Jones
University of Wales, Aberystwyth