the Premiere Issue of Sandbox Web-Zine

Come Celebrate the Premiere Issue of Sandbox Web-Zine

Featuring interactive art-work:

The Bionic Codex - by Media Artist Ebon Fisher
Reflection Site - an online ritual by performance and visual artist
Sally Resnik
Toby Victim - an innovative sound piece by Musician Timothy Cramer

Also Featuring:

The Mourning of a Magician: A Tribute to Steve Dwares
Demons of the Week - mischievous art-work by Blair Ewing

and Reviews of performances, zines, web-zines and other incredibly
strange things by Amy Shapiro, Christiaan Koop, Medea de Vyse and

The event will feature ambient sound by Maelstrom Music and computer
terminals to access the web-zine.

WHERE? Alt.Coffee
WHEN? Tuesday, May 6th from 7 to 10 pm.
HOW MUCH? This event is free (but donations are gladly accepted).

Back-issues of Sandbox Magazine will be available, as well as
information about our activities.

Sandbox Web-zine is a project of Sandbox Open Arts, Inc., an
experimental and not-for-profit arts organization whose mission is to
explore the manifold aspects of subversive and creative play. We
encourage interdisciplinarity by fostering collaboration between visual
artists, performance artists, writers and musicians as we move between
the worlds of print, World Wide Web and performance/installation event.
We exploit the creative potential specific to each medium while
encouraging cross-fertilization between the three. Web-zine, magazine
and event, each of these may serve in turn as a breeding ground for
ideas and creative projects.

Watch out for Sandbox Magazine #5: Play in the New Millenium (to be
released Fall 1997).