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Nude Poetry Reading for Ginsberg

Annoucing the Allen Ginsberg Memorial "NUDE" Poetry Reading

An open invitation to particiapte in an event to be held in late april
on the Internet via cuseeme

The event invites poets practitioners and enthusiasts to celebrate the
life and works of Allen Ginsberg via reading and sharing their favorite
poems and joining in a general memorial to Ginsberg's contribution as a

To enter into the Spirit of Allen's greatest activist exploits it is
requested that participants appear nude when reciting the works. As the
event will be viewable and broadcast from ppl's lounge rooms and other
private facilities full privacy is assured.

The event aims to be fun as well as contributory.

A date will be set 7 days before the event and prospective participants
notified by email of the connection details.

please return email to


Hosted by

Telepoetics Antarctica / Obelisk Media Cutlture / Literary Outlaws