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LISTEN IN presentations

LISTEN IN: Presentations on Art and Technology

A Harvestworks 20th Anniversary Event


Contact: Carol Parkinson 212-431-1130 x 12

In March Harvestworks will present LISTEN IN, a lively mix of
presentations by composers, visual artists, and other creators using new
technologies in broadcast and performance. All presentations take place
at Harvestworks 596 Broadway Suite 602 at Houston Street [New York]
unless otherwise noted. Suggested contribution is $5.00. Harvestworks
members are free.

Tuesday March 4, 7pm
Composer Paul Dresher
Pleiss Hall 82 Washington Square East 2nd Floor

Harvestworks, in collaboration with New York University's Music
Technology Department and the Interactive Performance Group is pleased
to present composer Paul Dresher in a behind-the-scenes discussion about
his current work with the Paul Dresher Ensemble Electric Chamber Band.
A concert of this new work will be presented at Merkin Hall on March 6th
as part of the World Music Institute - Interpretations series called

Paul Dresher (composer, artistic director Paul Dresher Ensemble) is a
composer pursuing music interests in many media, including experimental
opera and music theater, live instrumental electronic music performances
and electro-acoustic tapes and scores for theater, dance, video, radio
and film. His performances utilize progressive contemporary music
technology and the theatrical works use the resources of experimental
theater to examine diverse issues in contemporary American culture. […]

Friday March 14, 7pm
Video Artist Caterina Borelli
Harvestworks 596 Broadway (602) NYC

Harvestworks Artist-In-Residence Caterina Borelli will present her most
recent work "page 1 (learning to watch)" and "page 99". These new
experimental video works are sequels to her 1995 work "Prologue".

"page 1 (learning to watch)" and "page 99" have the format of Public
Service Announcements and are directed to the audience. The first
addresses the need for a reconsideration of the way we watch. It pleads
for a reversal of the equation "the more, the better" and for our need
to have distance from images. The second pushes to consider images as
an unfinished product that begs to be completed by audience
participation. These concepts are explored in a non-narrative and
impressionistic style. The artist made use of the Harvestworks Media 100
editing system with Adobe AfterEffects for the special effects.

Caterina Borelli was born in Milan and currently lives and works in New
York. She is an independent producer. Her experimental videos and
films have been shown internationally in Spain, Australia, Italy as well
as in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. She also works as
producer/director for television current affairs and newsmagazine

Monday March 17, 7pm
Composer Manuel Mota
Harvestworks 596 Broadway (602) NYC

Following his concert on Saturday March 15 at Experimental Intermedia,
composer Manuel Mota will discuss the creative process for his
presentation called "Scape Transmission". The work is a
body-environment composed with the e-bow prepared acoustic guitar, audio
oscillators, pre-recorded sounds and video.

Manuel Mota is an experimental sound composer currently living in
Lisboa, Portugal.

Friday March 21, 7pm
Video/Music Group "The Poool"
Harvestworks 596 Broadway (602) NYC

The Poool performs video in real time before an audience, bringing the
immediacy of live music to the cinematic arts. Harvestworks
Artist-In-Residence Nancy Meli Walker with Benton Bainbridge and Angie
Eng play cameras, switchers, video computers and assorted props much as
musicians play their instruments. The Poool will demonstrate and
discuss their manipulation of commonplace props on stage and their
altered appearance on screen with the use of electronic manipulation.

The Poool has recently released their first video tape which is
compiled from live performances from the group's first year in New York
and Barcelona at the Knitting Factory and Artists Space. The Poool
video will be available from the artists on the evening of their