MOVING MOMENTS 96 is a project over a year.

Artists from sarajevo (Miroslav Maraus, Dinno Kassalo and Sejo
Bajraktarevic) and Vienna (Barbara Doser, Hofstetter Kurt and Norbert
Math) exchange digital videos on the Internet.

Each MOMENT is an independent unit (max. 10 sec.) which relates to prior MOMENTS
and forms a building element in the common story which evolves over time.

All MOMENTS are stored in the data pool of the Ars Electronica Center
(AEC) in Linz and are accessible to Internet users all over the world.

Every artist is invited to relate to the on-going communication by sending
a MOMENT to the AEC-pool,thereby participating in the creation of the

PENDEL is an Internet sculpture consisting of a network of computer
controlled clocks. A video camera pointed to the sky transmits live
goings-on into the clock screen, where three computer-controlled revolving
moons indicate the time through their mutual positions. The data pool of
the AEC by the Internet constantly forwards incoming MOMENTS to each
clockwork, where they are integrated into the representation of time.

Hello from Sarajevo