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Montreal International Festival of CINEMA and NEW MEDIA

25 years on, the Festival du Nouveau Cinema joins forces with the
Festival du Court Metrage to present the first edition of the


June 5 to 15 1997

As a supporter and promoter of bold and innovative film and media
projects, the Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media
unveils to us the latest tendencies in cinema and new media. This annual
gathering replaces two events well known on the world's
cinematographical scene: the International Festival of New Cinema and
Video, which was an exceptional forum for contemporary film and video
makers for 25 years, and the International Short Film Festival, the
first of its kind in North America. Claude Chamberlan and Bernard
Boulad, the two driving forces behind these festivals, are now
respectively the General and Executive directors of the Festival. The
selection will focus on promising new feature and short filmmakers,
videomakers and multimedia artists. The Festival is a gathering of film
and video directors and professionals from Quebec, Canada and around the
world, and acts as a meeting place where people can make new discoveries
in an open and relaxed atmosphere. The Festival also offers an ideal
opportunity to encourage promotion and commercial distribution of the
works selected.

Sections and events

* Discovery: first and second feature films by directors who have used
an original and individual approach.

* Exploration: films directed by experienced filmmakers who are
recognized for their contribution to the evolution of the
cinematographical language.

* Metropolis: the portrait of a city through a selection of recent
representative works.

* Retrospectives: special tributes to contemporary film and video

* Short Film Competition: international selection of short films
(fiction and documentary).

* Animation Competition: international selection of animation shorts.

* Video Competition: international selection of video productions.

* Television production: international selection of the most creative
productions made for television.

* New Media: CD-ROM, electronic images, installations and multi-media

* Long Night of the Shorts: an orgy of wild short films from midnight to
5 a.m.

* Midnight Craze: cult films for film buffs.


The Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media is
non-competitive. However, prizes in cash will be awarded by the public and
the press for selected films in the Discovery section. Furthermore, with the
aim of encouraging new, young film and video makers, there will be three
competitive sections: short film (fiction and documentary), animation, and
video. Juries of professionals will decide upon the most distinguished works
in these three sections.

Program Committee

Film: Claude Chamberlan and Bernard Boulad
Video: Luc Bourdon
New Media: Alain Mongeau


For more information on entry procedures, contact the Festival office:

Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media
3668, boulevard Saint-Laurent
Montreal (Quebec) Canada
H2X 2V4
Telephone: 514.843.4725
Fax: 514.843.4631
E-mail: montrealfest@fcmm.com
Web site: http://www.fcmm.com