SPRINGTIJ 1997 -- expand your mind

Artist contributions wanted for Springtij '97


Art and Culture in Digital Ages

May 7 - 11, 1997, EKKO culture centre, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Theme: expand your mind

In May 1997 the third edition of the new media festival Springtij will
take place. Springtij is a returning international event organised by
EKKO culture centre. This year we decided to keep the festival compact
and restrict it to five days.

The goal of Springtij stays the same: showing the public the impact of
new media on art and culture. We would like to narrow the gap between
the information-rich and the information-poor by trying to reach people
of all ages, education levels, income, etc.

Springtij is Dutch for spring-tide and stands for the overwhelming raise
of technology in our life. The subtitle of the event is 'Art and Culture
in Digital Ages'. From the beginning Springtij has been a combination of
offering information and initiating discussions about the role and use
of new media. Besides readings, discussions, an internet-room and
workshops, this was illustrated with film, video, performances and
installations. In the second edition of Springtij, we introduced a
theme, in this case travelling (in digital ages). Apart from this we
opened a virtual gallery with web art works from all over the world and
we organised a semi-live-on-the-internet party.

For this third edition of Springtij the theme will be 'expand your
mind'. This in relation to new media or maybe explored by new media. Is
the computer (going to be) an extension of the mind, like a new
dimension? Could you look upon the computer as a mind-expander, a
psychedelicum? If yes, how does it affect the importance of the body?
Very old forms of mind-expanding are of course religion and
spirituality, in which the mind goes beyond the body. Could cyberspace
be seen as a modern version of religion?

We would like to ask artists to give their interpretation to this theme.
The contributions can consist of all kinds of media including: creative
art, web art, audio, film/video, cd-i, cd-rom, music, theatre,
literature, spoken-word, performance and mixed-media. Next to presenting
these contributions we would like to organise readings, forums and

All contributions will be carefully examined. In the selection the theme
and its fitting into Springtij will play a major role. It is important
to include an complete description (pictures, text) of your contribution
and a cv. The DEADLINE to subscribe is February 15th, 1997.

Contributions, announcements, questions can be send to:

cultuurcentrum EKKO, fax: (31) 30 2310402, Nieuwe Media-groep/Springtij,
springty@dru.nl, Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3, 3513 BH Utrecht NL