Noon-Midnight, international yearbook project

Bertrand Grimault and Ethnicolor present the "MIDI-MINUIT"
(NOON-MIDNIGHT) project of a collective work, at the crossway of
simultaneous sensibilities.

The principle of this project is to bring together a variety of notes,
sketches, views, ex/impressions, thru the media of writing or images, in
an imposed common time - noon and/or midnight - from contributors living
or moving in various geographic points, real or fictitious, in familiar
or unknown places.

Shape will be determinated according to the kind of contributions -
plucking off a whole year day after day, in weeks or in months.

Each person's participation, taking effect on january 1st, 1997 and
ending on december 31st, 1997, can occur at any time in the year, can
last from a few days to some weeks or months, depending on desire or

The materialization of those dispatches - we wish numerous, delicious
and judicious - will be the publication of a kind of universal yearbook
in 1998.

Looking forward to your words and pictures, various approaches which
will compose the plot and richness of this project to be followed on
Pericles from february 1997.

Correspondances in french, english, spanish, japanese, oermed and
adapted mixed forms expected.

More information about "Midi-Minuit" can be found in french and english
on Pericles:

or asked by e-mailing (subject: noon-midnight).

Thank you