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INTERACTIVE FRONTIERA :art on the edge of the future

an international colloquium
proposed to take place in Romania 27-29 June 1997

The project would bring together in dialogue six Romanian artists and
six artists associated with the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the
Interactive Arts (CAiiA), University of Wales College, Newport, UK. The
colloquium would be convened by Roy Ascott, director of CAiiA. Each
artist would present an in-depth review of their work illustrated by
video, CD ROM or other data projection. Panel discussions would develop
theoretical positions and practical plans and propositions.

The object of the meeting would be to increase understanding of current
practice and theory in the field of art and advanced technology, as it
is developing in both Romania and other parts of the world, and would
seek to develop proposals which would advance communication and
collaboration between Romanian artists and those in the field
internationally. The relationship of research to art practice would also
receive attention, as would the impact of new developments in science on
artistic and cultural strategies.

The colloquium would take place over two and a half days, with the
artists arriving on the evening of Thursday 26 June and departing on
the morning of Monday 30 June, 1997. The colloquium would take place in
public throughout Friday 27 and Saturday 28, with a project development
session on the Sunday morning restricted to artists involved directly in
the field.

The project would require the construction of a specific Romanian
website maintained by a Webmaster. The site could become a permanent
point of reference for technologically based art in Romania, and for its
international recognition and connectivity. Initially, artists involved
in the colloquium would be comprehensively represented on the website.
The colloquium would require equipment and technician support for the
audio/visual presentations.

For the convenor and the six artists associated with CAiiA (the CAiiA
group) the costs would involve return air travel between London and
Romania, hotel accommodation and subsistence for the period 26-30 June,
and an honorarium to each member of the CAiiA group of 500 USD.

Subject to their availability and confirmation, the CAiiA group would

Roy Ascott (Bristol), Char Davies (Montreal), Joseph Nechvatal (Paris),
Miroslaw Rogala (Chicago), Jill Scott (Karlsruhe), Bill Seaman
(Baltimore), Victoria Vesna (Santa Barbara).