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all surface sheen and no dirt

Alex Galloway wrote:

In a follow up to the discussion of degraded art forms in RHIZOME DIGEST
(and on the Tech90s BBS at www.tech90s.net), I'd like to announce that
the SINATRICON is now online at:


SINATRICON is an off/on-line pamphlet by Munro Galloway and Matt Smith.
Other works in this series include:

Working on my Smile / Travail sur mon sourire (Paris: Clean Room Press,
Working on my Laugh / Travail sur mon rire (Paris: Clean Room Records,
CROONING: the Golden Years (New York: Chairman Editions, 1996)

If you are interested you can find SINATRICON at Printed Matter in NYC,
or contact me off list.

Ian Haig also wrote:

In regard to the thread on degraded mediums….

There is a a certain irony missing in allot of new media art in regard
to a intentionlly grungy or 'retro' aesthetic….this is why you'll
never see a commodore c-64 work or a low res amiga work at supposedly
cutting edge events like Siggraph….its all surface sheen and no dirt,
no funk.