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A roll of the snare drum, an explosion of text, an old Apple logo
blurring out of focus, a gestural line-art character animation… this
is the pleasant assault that awaits you at the bi-monthly installment of

Created by Israeli-born, NYC artist/designer David Oppenheim, Day-Dream
is a lush, finely crafted web-art project that deserves notice. Gif
animations, shockwave, insane BG tiles, and loads of type blend into a
world which is highly immersive, edgy, and fun. Oppenheim, who was a
member of the now defunct design team Sigma Seven, created Day-Dream as
a personal project. His pure enjoyment of the medium is striking.

An over-riding theme *is* hard to find, and those looking for an
intellectual feast may want to look else-where. The Site seems most
interested in exploring graphical experimentation and visual rhythm.
Oppenheim's requests for advertisers is one of more curious aspects of
the site. One could read this as a mockery of the corporate banners that
are now running rampant (natural elements have been past sponsors of
Day-Dream). However, his desire for sponsorship is actually serious and
warm-hearted; he isn't so much looking for money but for ways of
attracting unique visitors to his site. It would indeed be great if
more artists co-sponsored each other, or if Galleries placed banners on
more artists' sites and not only included them in on-line shows.

There are indeed many pet projects from some of Silicon Alley's top
designers – Avalanche's "borderequalszero" (www.borderequalszero.com)
comes to mind. But Day-Dream stands out in a way that needs to be
experienced. Load up your browser with plenty of RAM and head over.