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image politics in Sydney

Here is some info on what is happening in Sydney in March/April

Cyber Cultures 1997 + Imaging Reality? exhibitons and talks


* Open on Saturday March 8, 1997 6 to 8 pm at the Casula Powerhouse 1
Casula road Casula phone 02 9824 1121 fax 02 9821 4273.

* Open on Saturday March 8, 1997 6 to 8 pm at the Casula Powerhouse
"Imaging Reality?" Digital imaging exhibition, a look at the problems of
Photography in the digital age.

* Saturday March 22 as part of the Cyber Cultures seminar from 2 pm.

* Saturday 4 April "Cybergloo" a videoconference link and international
forum from Casula Power house to the Design Research Center, University
of Derby at the CADE 97 conference.

* Phillip George and Ralph Wayment as part of their involvement in this
year's Cyber Cultures 97 exhibition will install an interactive work
into a 50 meter tall by 20 meter diameter disused petrol silo. The silos
that have become a distinctive trade mark of the Casuala Power House
contemporary arts center, will permit the artists to extend the
immersive nature of their work literally into and onto the inside of the
petrol container. This installation will be the largest invocative site
yet developed in Australia the unique properties of the cylinder shaped
silo will be used the project not only image but resonating sound will
be transmitted through out the structure.

* "Imaging reality?" - exhibition

"A photograph passes for incontrovertible proof that a given thing
happened" - Susan Sontag

Photography has been used as a document of authenticity for over 100
years, the introduction of seamless electronic image manipulation has
forever called into question the reliability of the photographic as
evidence. With the introduction of affordable imaging systems it is
possible for all forms of falsifications. Digital imaging has made the
manipulation of the photographic easier.

The "Imaging Reality" project provides a platform to discuss legal and
ethical considerations given that no longer has photography the power to
convince us.

This project asks students to develop a visual fictitious scenario
researching into the ethical concerns of photography and imaging looking
into the way media and in particular electronic media can and is used to
manipulate reconstruct reinterpret events.

This exhibition "Imaging Reality?" attempts to address contemporary
issues of the Digital and the Photographic. Students must re-examine the
rules of representation.