questions about the collective mind and the contributive projects

greetings virtual friends

Just one week subscription on the RHIZOME mailing list and so many
interested mails to read. Yet, i noticed that among many discussions to
state if "Netart" belongs to "contemporary art" or not, were many call
for contributions. Thus a few questions came to my mind.

Is anyone interested in artistic contributive or collaborative projects
on the Net ?

Do people contribute ?

If yes, who ? Artist friends, Fine arts schools students, unexpected
people ?

Is the web the best place to launch such projects ?

Do people on the Web behave differently than in their offline life ?

Do contributive projects really achieve to be contributive online
artworks ?

Do real artistic online joint ventures exist ?

Is the barrier language that important ?

As i house a few contributive and collaborative projects (Noon-Midnight;
The 3 graces) which appear to interest no one in spite of their quality
(in my opinion), i'd like to have your advices on that topic. Sure it
looks like a FAQ !

Seems to me that the "collective mind" stuff deals more with a
phantasmatic communication expectation than with anything else. Lost
highway stuff.

"…sad story but it's true…" (D.Thomas, Pere Ubu).

My english isn't too good on sundays, sorry about that!