Upgrade 2.0 // with Julie Andreyev

Join us Wednesday, January 28th at 8 pm for a talk by Julie Andreyev. Julie will talk about her new project VJ-Fleet, a mobile audio-visual public performance focusing on VJ and local car cultures in the creation and projection of video and sound. The project consists of local customized cars equipped with wi-fi receiving and VJ technologies that mix files created by on-site video and sound artists. Each car produces an audio mix for FM radio broadcast and a video mix for projection on the rear windshield. VJ-Fleet offers a model for transient, mobile public art, bridging audiences through the combination of art practices and popular cultures.

Julie Andreyev is a visual artist whose work is influenced by forms within popular entertainment cultures and technologies. Recent projects include; Circuit Van performed at Contact Photo Festival 2003 in Toronto and at Swarm 2002 in Vancouver; DustClouds at the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina in 2003 and at Gallery 44 in Toronto in 2002. Andreyev is an Associate Professor at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver.

URL: http://www.eciad.bc.ca/~jandreye/

Wednesday, January 28th at 8 pm
Western Front
303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, Canada

See you there!

Kate Armstrong


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