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re:Art Power and Communication

Reading the contribution of Alexei Shulgin about the subject: "Art,
Power and Communication" I cannot remain silent, just thinking he is

Especially his recommendation: "as an artist change your occupation just
before you became well-known in your sphere and before the movement you
are in starts to create its own history."

I agree deeply with this. For too long a time the value of art depended
on the museums need to conserve, "the eye of the beholder." I am a child
of this area. As a photographer I printed my pictures on a big format
and put them in beautiful frames for exhibitions.

Now many years later in my mind most ideas have changed, but the
pictures are still there, although now standing in my depot. They are no
longer a part of my mind but just a vital link in the growth of my
thoughts. A consequence of the fact that in the past we had to express
all our thoughts in artefacts, they are all still standing there and not
easy to eliminate.

The most important argument for conservation is: what if we could not
read the great masterpieces of the past? I must agree that I enjoyed
reading The Idiot of Dostoyevsky very much. Is this one of the silly
fetishes? Is this everybodies private dilemma?

Important is that in this time, where we can make all our thoughts
digital, we don't have to translate them to material. We can create and
destroy our ideas as quick as our minds can go, without leaving garbage
behind. We can start over and over again, we can test every step in our
mind without hurting anybody. I think that is the real meaning of
creating a virtual world, and I agree with Alexei that it is time to
make the most of this opportunity.