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Untitled Project: EAMES/eBAY

Untitled Project: EAMES/eBAY
by Conrad Bakker

Untitled Project: EAMES/eBAY is an attempt to locate the effects of the "push/pull" dynamic as seen through the influence of Hans Hofmann's instruction to Ray Eames, and as evidenced through her furniture designs for Herman Miller. The formal play of "push/pull" is reintroduced through the careful construction of oil paintings based upon eBay auction images selling Eames Herman Miller furniture. The paintings begin to engage additional push/pull dynamics, however, through their introduction into the economics of online auctions, collectible furniture, and paintings-as-objects pushed out of an exhibition space and pulled into the world.

During the next 30 days these paintings will be placed on Ebay, one per day, in the same virtual and economic space as real, collectible, Eames furniture. At the conclusion of each auction and upon receipt of payment, the paintings will be immediately removed from their physical location and shipped to the auction winner.

The best way to participate in Untitled Project: EAMES/eBAY is to go to www.ebay.com and using the title search function, type in "Eames, chair" as a general category.
If this proves to be too difficult, here is a list for the first week of UNTITLED PROJECT: EAMES/eBAY auctions:

If you are interested in receiving weekly announcements (4 total) related to this project, please send an email saying so to announcements@untitledprojects.com

eBay item 2359594149
(Started Nov 15-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Nov 25-03 15:00:00 PST)

"Eames retro-green padded sideshell chair"
eBay item 2359799097
(Started Nov 16-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Nov-26-03 15:00:00 PST)

"4 Herman Miller Stacking Chairs Chair Eames"
eBay item 2360187402 (Starts Nov 17-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Nov-27-03 15:00:00 PST)
Item# 2360187402

"Black EAMES Sideshell Chair by HermanMiller"
eBay item 2360619724
(Starts Nov 18-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Nov-28-03 15:00:00 PST)

"Herman Miller Eames Sideshell Chair YELLOW!"
eBay item 2360621113
(Starts Nov 19-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Nov-29-03 15:00:00 PST)

"eames Herman Miller Shell Chair -WOW!"
eBay item 2360622878
(Starts Nov 20-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Nov-30-03 15:00:00 PST)

"Herman Miller Eames Side Shell Chair Orange"
eBay item 2360623828
(Starts Nov 21-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Dec-01-03 15:00:00 PST)

eBay item 2360624562
(Starts Nov 22-03 15:00:00 PST, Ends Dec-02-03 15:00:00 PST)

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