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art / cultural projects using Internet 2

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    Oct. 17, 2006, 11:10 a.m.

Hi everyone. My current employer, George Mason University, is beginning to implement i2 into its building and operating structures. I've been approached to initiate a project using this technology. Coming from the sort of lofi angle, I'm a little clueless (although, a quick visit to i2.com tells me that this is a big business thing - all the suits scare me a little, honestly) I'm seeing its use in industrial activities (and of course aerospace and defense is heavily involved), but I'm wondering if anyone out there is doing art projects or events etc. with this technology. I am possibly seeking collaboration with institutions that are using this technology. I'm particularly interested in work that has a critical perspective on this new technology. I welcome any statements, opinions, articles, research on the positives and negatives of this technology and the way it is being implemented.

please email me at mcooley@gmu.edu

thank you,

mark cooley