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Tirana Biennale 2 New Media

Tirana Biennale New media section, Tirana, Albania, from September 12 to October 25 2003


"Global conscience as utopia"

Internet has defined a new kind of space based on a new concept of time: Temporality based on moment of 24h00 which are moving from second to second. This media space which fluctuates and which is moving and migrating is defining a new kind of globalization. This can be compared to a kind of a Utopic topos.
U -Topos is the favorite place for some artists that use this media to explore how our perception is evolving. They may propose a new kind of critique about human factor in technological time, or they may also focus on a new definition and status of art. Concepts such as "Time ready made", "neen", "language art", are often used by this generation.
As an artist curator I asked these artists to produce specific pieces where they can bring their perception of the concept of "Global conscience as Utopia".

The topics U-topos choosen by the biennale is directly linked to the status of the country who is hosting this biennale. This event is existing just through the solidarity and the kindness of a community !

Valery Grancher

Artist List: Jimpunk, Amy Alexander, Christophe Bruno, Teleferique, Valery Grancher, Michael mandiberg, Olga Kisseleva, Vincent Tordjman, Radio mentale, DJ Spooky, Miltos Manetas, Mai Ueda, Angelo Plessas, Rafael Rozendaal, John White C, Dusty del Rosario, Yi Zhou, Andreas Angelidakis