4700 - international mail art project against penalty death

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 16, 2002, midnight

Casa di Tolleranza presents:

international mail art project against penalty death

From the annual report on penalty death follows that during 2001 at least 4700 people have been executed in 34 countries.

Cina: at least 3.500, of which 13 women
Iran: at least 198, of which at least 6 women and 1 boy
Iraq: at least 179, of which at least 1 woman
Kenya: about 100
Tagikistan: about 100
Vietnam: about 100
Saudi Arabia: 82, of which 2 women
Yemen: at least 80
Afghanistan: at least 68, of which at least 2 women
United States of America: 66, of which 3 women and 1 boy
Pakistan: 45, of which 1 boy (untill november 2001)
Kazakistan: 35 (in first six mounths of 2001)
Zaire: al least 35 (for extraodinary crimes)
Cecenia: 21
Tailandia: 18
Oman: al least 14
Giordania: al least 9
Guinea: 8
Sudan: al least 7
Singapore: 6, of which 1 woman
Malesia: 5, of which 1 woman
Egypt: al least 4
Taiwan: 3
Zimbabwe: 3
Palestine: 2
Bangladesh: 2
Japan: 2
Indonesia: 2
Kuwait: 2, of which 1 woman
Uganda: 2 (ordered by a traditional court)
Botswana: 1 woman
Somalia: 1
North Corea: unprecise number
Uzbekistan: data not available

In bold, the liberal democracy* (5) that have done executions (90)

* the definition on "Liberal Democracy" is based on strict and analitical criteria used by "Freedom House" whether in his study of 1999 on political systems of the world or in the 2001-2002 report about the state of freedom in the world.
Freedom House is a USA organization, above the parts that overlooks the situation of right of people and civil freedom country by country. (more info: www.freedomhouse.org)

[Fonte: Nessuno tocchi Caino - http://www.nessunotocchicaino.it]

How to partecipate:

supprot –> free
media –> free
format –> postcard [ 15 x 10,5 cm]
no dead line

Artworks will be not given back, but they will be on display on the web site http://www.casaditolleranza.com

Artworks must be sent to:

international mail art project against penalty death
Casa di Tolleranza - Surico - Del Basso
Via ingegnoli 17
20131 - Milano

Please write the details of the artist and country origin

Artwork can also be sent to this e-mail adress with subject "4700 project": valeria.surico@exante.biz

The artworks sent within the 4th october 2002 will be on display at Casa di Tolleranza from the 5th october to 20th october 2002. Afterwords the show will go to Buenos Aires at the Cutural Center Vortice Argentina.