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Festival Ars Electronica 03

Code - The Language of Our Time

Ars Electronica 2003, "CODE - the Language of our Time," is set for
September 6 - 11. Three thematic domains "Code=Law, Code=Art, Code=Life"
provide a framework for the issues on which this year's festival of art,
technology and society will focus:

- How strong is the socially regulative and normative power of the
structures and rules of the game that computer programs and their standards implement and enforce? What possibilities exist to get around them?

- How do software and digital codes impact the essence and identity of media art as "art created out of code" that is, as a generative and processual artform that has developed from and consists of algorithmic and computational processes? To what extent can this be captured and represented by means of conventional, art-immanent criteria?

- What paradigms relevant to our future can be derived from artistic and
scholarly speculations about the emerging epoch of bio-information and
genetic engineering?
Via interdisciplinary encounter and confrontation, the strategy Ars
Electronica has been utilizing productively since 1979, artists, scientists, scholars and technicians will elaborate on these considerations from theoretical and practical perspectives.

Please find more detailed information and daily update: http://www.aec.at/code