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Dear friends,

ALTERNE (Alternative Realities in Networked Environments) consortium announces a call for artistic BRIEFS.

The consortium works on the Research and Development project funded by European Commission and will choose the relevant artistic projects to its research activities and objectives. The chosen projects will acquire access to new tools, interfaces, SW and technologies related to Qualitative Physics, virtual storytelling, AI technology, implementation of alternative principles of causality and new visualization techniques for immersive CAVE-like environments.

We try to promote collaboration between high-tech artists and research laboratories and now announce a call for BRIEFS with the aim to collect very actual artistic proposals in domain of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.

If you personally have in mind a project which would comply as much as possible with the ALTERNE GUIDELINES -available by e-mail- or you would know about a colleague of yours active in the field with a proposal, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

We would like you to consider our CALL FOR BRIEFS and reply by July 10, 2003.

The BRIEF should not exceed four pages and is encouraged to include: title, abstract, concept of the work, project description, technical description, drawings and schemes. Please, send also a short biography (1-2 pages) including education, career, exhibition list and list of activities as well as contact address (including telephone number and email address).

All briefs will be kept confidential with respect for intellectual property rights.

/check the basic info on the project at http://www.alterne.info/


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