Cannery Park II located at 401 E. Taylor at 8th Street, San Jose, California, in Japantown, houses the studios of many professional artists. Five studios generally closed will be opened to the public with the artists' work for sale on Saturday, May 17 and Sunday May 18, 2003 from 11:00 to 5:00.

The following artists will participate in this event:
Kate Curry Studio # 218
Agnes Derbin-Caulfiled Studio # 266
PiA DiStefano Studio # 265
Allen Figone Studio # 278
Dawn L. Hart Studio #224

Kate Curry began her career as a painter and printmaker in the Washington, DC area. She studied art there at the Corcoran Gallery and American University. Kate rejoices in using a vigorous brushstroke and bold as well as subtle color in her metaphorical landscapes. She will also exhibit her landscape drawings and monotypes.

Agnes Derbin-Caulfield finds joy in painting atmospheric and moody California landscapes. She has painted in may settings, including the San Francisco Bay lands, the parks of the Coastal Range, the Pacific coast south of Monterey and the eastern Sierra Nevada. Her paintings reflect her extensive knowledge of bird and plant life in the Bay lands.

PiA DiStefano paints on the complexity of human emotions. She choreographs her figurative paintings to animate introspective thought. Her work explores classical realism and representational abstraction.

Allen Figone paints that what he finds exciting in life. His passion is painting the light dancing off the top of a Napa vineyard or a hillside studded with oaks. In addition to painting California scenes, Allen also enjoys painting the scenes and people of beautiful Italy, the country of his heritage.