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Minor Adjustments | May 17th, 2003 @ The Hollywood Athletic Club

The Terpsichore Group invites you to make some Minor Adjustments @ The Hollywood Athletic Club in the indoor pool room.
May 17th, 2003

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Minor Adjustments was created from the vision of providing a fully cohesive multimedia.new media art and music event. Through presenting video instalation work, live video mixing, traditional and not so traditional paintings and photography, live electronic music, fashion and performance we provide an overall multifaceted experience where each element works together to create one large work of art for our guestsusers to interact with and be a part of —————————>

Bringing a variety of communities together through traditional and experimental forms of art and music is our goal. Doing it in a special place is a reality.

We are inspired by your inspiration…

please join us.

For more information or to submit work for future events, please contact sariahstorm@terpsichoregroup.org