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DATE: April 28, 2003
CONTACT: (303) 777 9473
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"Modern art is essentially self reflective: its intention is to interrogate what art is, to define the concept of art. It is no longer a question of producing beautiful objects, but of producing questionable or problematic ones." Joseph Kosuth

RULE Gallery is pleased to present RECENT PAINTINGS by Jerry Gunn (NY) and CODEWORK, a DVD with surround sound installation by Mark Amerika (CO). The exhibitions run May 2 through June 14, 2003. The public reception is Friday, May 2, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Showing In the VideoBOX, will be Mark Amerika's most recent digital art work, CODEWORK. Amerika, a teacher of digital art at University of Colorado, combines DVD projection with layered surround sound elements. The work centers around two figures, an artificial intelligence known as the "Digital Thoughtographer," and a disembodied woman whose scripted voice-over telepathically communicates with this alien shadow figure. Amerika's painterly video style is synced with a wide range of electronic sounds made in collaboration with Twine. Charting new territory with this installation, Amerika interfaces new media technology with his evolving digital narrative practice to create a poetic script of dream-like sound and spatially seductive images.

In his second solo exhibition at RULE, Jerry Gunn's paintings freely enter into a dialogue about the history of abstraction. By utilizing familiar strategies of modern painting as his scaffolding, Gunn pays homage to modernist predecessors, Ellsworth Kelly, Brice Marden, Joseph Kosuth, Frank Stella, Lucio Fontana and On Kawara. Gunn revisits the formal concerns of the past to revitalize abstraction. These formalistic underpinnings are used as points of departure, drawing attention the very act of painting.

RULE Gallery is located at 111 Broadway. The gallery is open from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, or by appointment.