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ZeD - open source television

ZeD is Canada's launchpad for creative ideas and expression.

It is a television show in Canada, and is produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada's public broadcaster.

ZeD is always on the web at http://zed.cbc.ca. More than just an "online episode guide," the site allows visitors to submit their own art and to view, rate, and discuss work by other artists. Right now, the site contains more than 7,000 short films, animation, music tracks, music videos, photography, visual art, short stories, and more. Its content created by and for the digital literati, and it's all available for viewing and rating.

Content that is rated high on the website is selected to be broadcast to a national audience across Canada, weeknights at 11:25pm - 12:25am.

This is an invitation to the Rhizome community to participate in a different kind of television.