"The Bass That Ate NYC" - Miami Bass @ Passerby Bar, NYC

Nico Mazet : Undertone Presents
"The Bass That Ate NYC" (Yes, we got dat bottom)

Members of Beige (Cory Arcangel) vs. RSG (Alex Galloway) vs. the Grandest
of all Wiz kids Taketoron …
in conjunctiom with the public release of "Low Level Allstars" DVD (commodore64
video grafitti from 1985+) by Beige & The Radical Software Group

at: Passerbys @ Gavin Brown Enterprise
15th street between 9th and 10th ave
(L or A/C/E to 14th street 8th Avenue)
date: Tuesday, 1/21/03
time: 10pm 2am

Dance to the eclectic beatz ofMaggotoron, DJ DMJ, Luke, Jason X, 2 Live
Crew, MC Cool Rock & Chezy Chess, MC Shy D, MC A.D.E.

Roland Drum Machines, Commodore 64s, Miami Bass, Early Acid House,
Computer Hacker Techno.

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