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call for entries --- net.arts on "9.11"

  • Deadline:
    Aug. 21, 2002, 1 a.m.

Art on the Net 2002
Now Open to Entries

Since 1995, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo (MCMOGATK),
has been sponsoring the Internet art and web contents open competition,
"Art on the Net," exploring the potentials of the Internet as a medium
of art. In the past seven years since its first show, "Art on the Net
1995," over 600 entries have been submitted and artists from 40
countries have participated. Net art entries in each show reflected the
cutting-edge technology of that time. We believe it has been presenting
a completely new status of art created at the the crossroads of art history,
technology and the society.

The theme of the 8th "Art on the Net 2002" is "9.11." We again are
open to any entries that are experimental, that have power to turn around
the conventional concepts of art. This year, we'll take the system of
election by mutual vote — for further details, please read our "indroductions"
on our web.

Acceptance of the entries, jurying, and exibition are all done on the
Internet. The deadline for the entry is September 20, 2002. For further
information and application procedure, please visit our website:

We look forward to your entries.

you minowa

You Minowa, Curator of Media Arts
Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo