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How Far Have You Fallen: The Party

The Madagascar Institute presents:

How Far Have You Fallen: The Party

A festive embrace of low moments. A revelry of bad manners, poor judgement, and personal humiliation. An experiment in the temporary suspension of shame. With all-new rides, games, and installations in a virgin warehouse. Featuring ace DJs on two sound systems, dance-a-riffic bands, hit-and-run theater, and micro performances by puppets, machines, and incredibly talented humans.

Live music by UncleFucker (line-dancing hick punk), Phat Man Dee (circus jazz diva; Pittsburgh), Sxip (pitchshifted demonology), and Gina Kolata (math rock). Breaks, electro, house, minimal techno, Brazillian rarities, and good ol' rock 'n' roll by DJs Spinoza, Movement, Sara Walker, the Spork vs. Yoshi, Mad Anthony, Greg Caz, Gerald McBoing Boing and more.

Art installations and performances by Madagascar artstars, Pug, ORTHO, Sara Valentine, Toy Shop, Ms. Halo, N.I.N.E,, Axelle Fine Arts, Complacent.org, Nat, Mary Jane, Acton-Loose, Ebon Fisher, Aaron the Sexplastic, and the Vertigo Group.

Costume ideas: Fallen angels, autumn leaves, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nixon, Martha Stewart, the Boy Who Fell to Earth, S&P 500, sellouts, walking personal ad, Falstaff, Icarus, the Fall Guy, your most shameful memory.

Dress up. Get down. Drop to our level.

Saturday, November 30, 2002
931 Bergen Street, at Franklin, Brooklyn
C train to Franklin station
10p; $10