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Greg Giannis wrote:

> The FACADE project is a telematic installation/performance situated at
> Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia. Images of the SBS/ACMI
> facade at Federation Square are projected onto the building itself.
> The projected image will be aligned to match the actual facade, except
> that the projected image will be altered in colour so as to
> superimpose a change in hue on the building surfaces. The public
> determines what colours and design will be used through a java web
> interface, which presents an image of the facade with basic tools for
> ‘painting’ the image. This strategy allows a participant anywhere
> in the world with access to the internet to determine what will be
> projected. The individual designs submitted by the participants are
> scheduled and played out over an evening, during the actual staging of
> the physical component of the event, which will occur on the
> abovementioned date.
> Local participants will be able to view the event on site on the night
> of the event, whilst those not able to physically attend will still
> have an opportunity to see the projections through a web cast of the
> event.
> This project engages the public in an unprecedented and intimate
> manner. Through the mechanism of the internet, the local and
> international community is able to participate in a playful
> intervention, affecting a prominent public space in the City of
> Melbourne, Australia. The merging of public and virtual spaces,
> allows for a broader sense of community, no longer restricted by
> geographical location alone, and unhindered by national boundaries and
> borders. This will hopefully facilitate greater communication and
> hence understanding and tolerance between communities.

This ambitious project, altough interesting, does not allow but to step into the personality and likings, also limits, of the original artist. It is therefore no more than a childrens coloring book. What a waste.

Greg Giannis Feb. 25 2008 21:32Reply

hi nahoum,
What is it that you find interesting about the project. The interface was designed with simplicity in mind and so that it would be accessible. If children were to be using it as a colouring book I would be thrilled. Why do you consider it a waste?

a very belated reply,