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PRE-ISEA Event: Remaking Reality: CAiiA-STAR@IAMAS Symposium - Japan Oct25th

Hello to all ISEA2002 visitors,

If you plan to come to the Nagoya area BEFORE ISEA starts,
we welcome you to visit our IAMAS Institute
of Advanced Media Art and Sciences in Gifu, Japan
for a symposium called

"Remaking Reality - CAiiA-STAR@IAMAS"

Date: October 25th 2002

Place: IAMAS Institute, Gifu
(40 minutes by train from Nagoya)

Please find the detailed program at:

Many greetings and looking forward to see you in Japan

Dr. Christa Sommerer
Associate Professor @ IAMAS

Remaking Reality

CAiiA-STAR@IAMAS Symposium



#Date: Oct 25 2002
#Place: 5th floor Hall @ IAMAS

IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences
3-95 Ryoke-cho, Ogaki-shi, Gifu 503-0014, Japan
Tel: +81-584-75-6600
Fax: +81-584-75-6637

Access to IAMAS:
(IAMAS is located at around 40 minutes train ride from Nagoya)

#Contact: takahasi@iamas.ac.jp , koba@iamas.ac.jp , christa@iamas.ac.jp

[Session I] [Session II] [Session III] [Session IV] [Session V]

9.50-10.00 Introduction to the "Remaking Realities" symposium

Christa Sommerer (Ph.D, Associate Professor at IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Gifu, Japan;
christa@iamas,ac.jp , http://www.mis.atr.co.jp/~christa )
Hiroshi Yoshioka (Professor at IAMAS Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Gifu, Japan;
hyshk@nk.rim.or.jp ; http://www.iamas.ac.jp/~yoshioka/ )

10.00-10.20 "Introduction to CAiiA-STAR"

Roy Ascott (Professor, Founding Director of CAiiA-STAR, Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, School of Art Media & Design, University of Wales College Newport, and the Science Technology and Art Reserch Centre, School of Computing, University of Plymouth.
roy.ascott@btinternet.com , http://www.caiia-star.net/ )

*Session I: The Transformed Body as Interface

10.20-10.40 "The Coded Body"

Jill Scott (PhD, Professor, Media Department Media Environments, Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany;
jscott@smile.ch ; http://www.uni-weimar.de )

10.40-11.00 "Remediated Flesh: What Pain Might Tell Us About Transformative Remappings of Sensoria in Interface Design"

Diana Gramola (Associate Professor, School of Literature, Communication & Culture, Georgia Tech, USA;
diana.gromala@lcc.gatech.edu ; http://www.lcc.gatech.edu/~gromala )

11.00-11.10 break

*Session II: Beyond Architecture

11.10-11.30 "Spanning the gap: The crisis caused by computation within Architecture"

Peter Anders (Architect, Mindspace, USA;
ptr@mindspace.net ; http://www.mindspace.net )

11.30-11.50 "Operating Systems for Buildings"

Mike Philipps (Professor and Director of i -DAT and STAR, School of Computing, University of Plymouth, UK;
mikep@caiia-star.net ; http://www.i-dat.org )

11.50-12.10 "Allogenesis and Transvergence: The Production of the Alien"

Marcos Novak (Trans Architect, University of California Santa Barbara, Media Arts and Technology Program, USA;
marcos@centrifuge.org )

12.10-13.30 lunch break

*Session III: Augmented Relationships in Stage Art and VR

13.30-13.50 "Augmented Mixed Reality"

Kjell Yngve Petersen (Art director of Boxiganga Stage Art, Denmark; kjell.yngve@mail.dk )

13.50-14.10 "Beat Box: Interactive Sound Machines for CAVE Collaboration"

Margaret Dolinsky (Asscociate Professor, Indiana University, USA; dolinsky@indiana.edu ; http://dolinsky.fa.indiana.edu/beatbox )

14.10-14.30 "Common Senses"

Thecla Schiphorst (Professor, Dancer and Media Artist, Technical University Simon Fraser, Canada;
schiphorst@techbc.ca )

14.30-14.40 coffee break

*Session IV: Exploring Patterns and Dimensionalities in Media Art

14.40-15.00 "Hyperseeing Medium: Dimensionality and Media Translation"

Dene Grigar (Associate Professor, Department of English, Speech, and Foreign Languages Texas Woman's University;
dene@eaze.net , http://www.eaze.net/~dene )

15.00-15.20 "Generative Art and the Dialectics of Corruption"

Geoff Cox (Lecturer, STAR, Institute of Digital Art & Technology, School of Computing, Universityof Plymouth, UK;
geoff@generative.net )

15.20-15.40 "Collaborations: Semantics, Patterns and Ec(h)o"

Ron Wakkary (Associate Professor, Information Technology & Interactive Arts, Simon Fraser University;
ron_wakkary@sfu.ca )

15.40-15.50 break

*Session V: Intelligence and Consciousness in Media Art

15.50-16.10 "Consciousness and Electronic Art: Imperatives of Hope and Darkness"

Jim Laukes (Center for Consciousness Studies, Department of Psychology, University of Arizona, Tucson; jlaukes@u.arizona.edu; http://www.consciousness.arizona.edu )

16.10-16.30 "A Taxi Ride To Late Capitalism: Hypercapitalism and Artificial Intelligence"

Michael Punt (PhD, Professor, Department of Art and Design, Vice Director of CAiiA-STAR University of Wales College Newport; mpunt@newport.ac.uk ; http://www.caiia-star.net/ )

16.30-17.30 Group discussion

#Organizing Committee:

Chair and Program Committee

* Christa Sommerer (Associate Professor at IAMAS; christa@iamas.ac.jp )
* Hiroshi Yoshioka (Professor at IAMAS; hyshk@nk.rim.or.jp )
* Tsuyoshi Fuyama (CMC Center of Media Culture at IAMAS: fuyan@iamas.ac.jp )
* Keiko Kobayashi (CMC Center of Media Culture at IAMAS: koba@iamas.ac.jp )

Honorary chair:

* Roy Ascott (Founding Director of CAiiA-STAR, roy.ascott@btinternet.com )
* Itsuo Sakane (President of IAMAS)
* Tadashi Yokoyama (Professor at IAMAS and Head of Research Section)
* Atsuhito Sekiguchi (Professor at IAMAS)
* Keiichi Irie (Professor at IAMAS)
* Masahiro Miwa (Professor at IAMAS)
* Laurent Mignonneau (Associate Professor at IAMAS)
* Andreas Schneider (Associate Professor at IAMAS)

Organizing Committee:

* Yoko Takahashi (Senior Officer at IAMAS; takahasi@iamas.ac.jp )
* Irina Gordeeva (IAMAS Office member; irinag@iamas.ac.jp )
* Shani Tobias (IAMAS Office member; shani@iamas.ac.jp )
* Kazuhiro Sawai (IAMAS Senior Teaching Officer; sawai@iamas.ac.jp )