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Reminder to participate in "Phone Home"

  • Deadline:
    Dec. 4, 2005, midnight

This is a friendly reminder to participate (or pass on the message so others will participate) in "Phone Home."

Please send your submissions before Dec. 10. The project will most likely continue after that, but I will be presenting it on Dec. 13.

1) Take a picture of what you consider "home"

2)In the subject line - put your zip code (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS)

3)Email them to phpic@mn.rr.com

Pictures taken with a mobile phone are preferred, but others taken
with a still camera or found images through a search engine are

The project is linked to increments of time so submit as many
pictures (at any time of day) as you would like.

Feel free to pass this message on to EVERYONE you know. The more
pictures received, the more interesting the project will be! Start
sending photos now!

It is said that what one considers as home also translates into a reflection of one's self.
"Phone Home" is an interactive media piece that incorporates the idea of memory and identity.