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RHIZOME_RAW: Report from Ars Electronica 2002

It was meant as a report - my words got a bit scrambled at the end - but certainly wasnt meant to offend anyone. Despite the focus on big names in digital art, I still felt as if there was room at Ars for the smaller projects that might never get the financial backing that a Rafael Lozano-Hemmer might get… I mean purely in the DIY sense though - where if you wanted to "crash" Ars by putting in your project despite not being selected, you could probably do it and people would really appreciate it because it would derail a lot of the hype and propaganda. I'm saying this because I did this with a project I showed there and got an amazing response from people - so I guess in that way it felt more democratic than exclusive or pretentious.

Anyways -once again didnt mean to offend -