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"The Paper Chase" panel discussion at Postmasters

The Paper Chase:
Why do Many of Today's Leading Media Artists and Curators Choose to Present Works on Paper?

Postmasters Gallery
Tuesday, September 17
459 West 19th Street (at 10th Avenue) New York, NY 10011
Telephone 212 727 3323

When one thinks of media art – video or net.art, for example – paper seems unrelated or even irrelevant. Yet media curators and artists often choose
to present works on paper (in the forms of prints, drawings, and photography, for example) for aesthetic, archival, or financial reasons. To some, this might seem ironic or paradoxical: why take "one step forward, two steps back" in terms of choice of medium? Is there a conceptual choice involved when a media artist or curator decides to use paper? Or are the
decisions merely practical? Our panel will discuss these issues by presenting specific examples from various exhibitions and projects.

Edward Earle, curator, International Center for Photography

Mark Tribe, founder, Rhizome

ChanSchatz, artist duo and digital printmakers and Columbia University School of the Arts professors

Magda Sawon, owner and director (with Tamas Banovich) of Postmasters

moderator and organizer: Reena Jana, editor, Art on Paper