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call for participation

  • Deadline:
    July 28, 2005, 10:12 a.m.

Call ‘DIY SURVIVAL’ (There is no Subculture, only Subversion) Publication.

C6 invite submissions for a forthcoming publication on strategies, methods and techniques of DIY art practices. We are seeking innovative, critical and radical approaches to diverse art practice and organization focused on how to produce art unbound by market, commerce, and whitecubes. The aim is to produce a guide of tactical means for collective art making.

We are looking for a wide range of perspectives, essays, case studies, artworks and interviews to articulate and promote the idea of self generative cultural events and the collective production of art. Contributions from artists, activists, cultural producers, and other related professionals are welcome.

C6 wish to keep the possible topics vague enough for interpretation, a starting point may be:

• Ethos, history and politics of DIY art and culture
• Occupation of territories
• Culture jamming, guerrilla art practices
• Strategies of audience engagement
• Tales of endurance, invention and uncompromising passion
• Resistance and the creation of communities
• Question of authorship/ownership in collaborative systems

Keywords: community, digital, tactical, strategic, interactive, intervention, pervasive, collective, fine art sausage machine.

Deadline for submission is 1st September 2005. Comments and queries can be sent to diy@c6.org

The launch event will be held on the 29th of October at the c6 show ‘SOLD OUT’ in Cremer street Shoreditch London.

We are currently looking at approximately 60 page book, A5 black and white with limited graphics.

There will be an initial 500 printed, these will be distributed at the event for free.

The book's design ties into a Print On Demand format and subsequent prints and purchases through that system will be charged at cost.