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Call for international 'live' artists.

  • Deadline:
    May 23, 2005, 5:32 a.m.

YOlk - call for International artists

(Important: Due to technical problems, please respond to this posting by e-mailing elainespeight@hotmail.com and not info@yolkart.org.)

Are you interested in working with a small artists’ collective based in Nottingham, UK, to develop and make an interactive artwork?

We are looking for individuals or artists groups: who make live art; who want to work with non-artists in their local community; who are interested in creating an artwork with group ownership, that engages a diverse audience.

This work will be sited on the NOW festival website (see www.beherenow.org.uk) and will have a live presence at the next NOW festival in Nov-Oct 2005. The locations for the live events will be local libraries in Nottingham and an international city. We are developing the digital side of the project with a web programmer.

What we want to make

-An interactive web-based work, which is used during a live event simultaneously in 2 libraries in different cities.
-A piece that plays with the idea of spies/ detectives, role-play and specific characters gathered from the live work.
-The digital space will function as a game; an imaginary space which pulls together fragments of real spaces in Nottingham and another international city.

Why libraries?

Libraries interest us as:

- Depositories of archives & stories
- Places of research and investigation
- Meeting places
- Places where you often meet strange and entertaining characters
- Places where certain behaviour is not allowed.

We are also interested in appropriating the role of librarians as part of the live event/ performance.

We want to develop a similar live event with the artist from an international city. (That’s you!) We are particularly interested in looking at the way libraries function in different countries, especially the question of who owns the history of a place.

We want the online space to be ‘physical’, a place to explore, and a game and archive in its own right.

For further information about Yolk, please see our website: www.yolkart.org (This site is currently under construction, but will be running soon. In the meantime you can request further information by emailing elainespeight@hotmail.com)

We want YOU to contribute to the development of the idea.
Please read the details below, and send expressions of interest including:
-Initial ideas about the project and how you would contribute to it
-Brief history of your work
-Images or references to websites with examples of previous work.

We want you to respond to the following questions as a starting point for the project:
-How are libraries used in your city?
-Who uses them?
-Is there Internet access in your library?
-Whose histories can be found in the library?

To: Yolk, 49 Harcourt Road, Nottingham, NG7 6PZ, England
Or email: elainespeight@hotmail.com
Please note, we cannot return any material sent by post.