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Live Cinema Festival 2014 Rome

  • Location:
    Teatro Quarticciolo , Via Castellaneta, 10, Rome, 00100, IT

The first edition of Live Cinema Festival takes place in Rome from September 17th to 20th in the spaces of Teatro Quarticciolo.

Live Cinema Festival is a live performing exhibition that explores and promotes all the artistic trends whom is attributed the term “Live Cinema”, with performances by artists from Italy, Germany, England, Holland, Poland and Belarus, which have made this narrative technique their stylistic code.

The performances proposed in this first edition of Live Cinema Festival tend to explore issues related to social and new media, but also to more introspective concepts emerging on the screen in a new light, enriched by new languages ​​and new meanings.

The program foresees the exhibitions of
Light Surgeons (UK) - VJ Emiko (PL) - Elektro Moon Vision (PL/HU) - Peter Kirn (DE) - Drøp + FAX (DE/IT) - okapi + unz.snu (IT) - Byzond (BL) - dies_ (IT)

Detailed program: http://livecinemafestival.com/2014-rome/program/

Live Cinema Festival is selected as project of the “Estate Romana 2014″ funded from Rome Government which, through the exhibition of 8 artists, aims to exploit one of the outlying areas of the city, which, thanks to a program that combines emerging and known artists, could become a new center of cultural aggregation.

Live Cinema Festival is a cultural and artistic project, promoted byFlyer communication in co-production with LPM – Live Performers Meeting, FLxER.net, Linux Club, Free Hardware Foundation and Improvearts in collaboration with SIAE ed ACEA with the support of Comune di Roma and approved by AVnode.